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who do you think are the hardest players to play against?

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#1 trickz



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Posted 30 November 2012 - 12:59 PM

Hi everyone,

Just wondering who do you think is the hardest player you've played against on this site?
For me, that would be :

1) By far the most irritating and hardest player : Muffinman
There are not so many games where I got completely destroyed, owned and humiliated but yet he pulled it off quite easily and took the general candy out of my hands haha :P
The fact that he even said before : "You're gonna lose that general, always nice to take candy from a baby" makes his victory even more epic.
And although I really hated it, I gotta admit,...this guy is a true nightmare to play against! :)
I'm 3-1 behind in games against him.

2) Ssyo : Every time (I think we've played 5 times and I lost 4?) he manages to pull me down with a slight difference. He doesn't own me or dominate the games but yet he knows what to do to take a slight advance every time and he's got a brilliant idea where and how my pieces are standing.
Maybe one of the best orientation players I've met so far.

3) Of course I have to mention the king himself,....Spaceman Spiff!
The guy needs no introduction. He's just a tough player to crack.
I've played him 4 times, I lost 3 times and drawed once.
The times I lost where nothing to be ashamed. He didn't dominate me, he didn't humiliate me at all, he just edged it on the right time with the right piece to win the game with a lieutenant difference one time, the other time he edged it on a sergeant and one time in the final chapter of a game he decided the game with a captain difference.
Every time I take the lead against him but then he's really THE master of the comeback and probably the best orientation player on the field here.
Although I do think he's not the hardest player to play against.
There was not a single time that I had the feeling that I was chanceless against him.
A feeling that I did have with Muffinman.

That's my top 3 of the hardest players.

Of course there is also King Tubby, Ace Inhibitor and Djenghis Kahn who are true nightmares as well but I really shit in my pants when I play the 3 guys mentionned here above. :)

Tell me your nightmare? :)
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#2 KingTubby



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Posted 30 November 2012 - 08:12 PM

it's of course TonyD, he is a real Scientist, but of course King Tubby will always be the King of the Arena.

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#3 trickz



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Posted 01 December 2012 - 01:38 AM

I've played once against him and I won.
Called me a scrub player,.....and he went with his major blindly on my bomb and came in charching with the marshall.
Not real science if you ask me but then again, I can't say anything about it because there are times that i'm charging in myself
........also with bad consequences :)
I love the smell of Napalm in the morning

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