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What do you think on that Strategy ?

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#1 Elado


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Posted 07 October 2013 - 03:43 PM

I have played several games in which when the opponent got some advantage on me 
For example we both lost the Marshal but I lost three Captains and he lost only one
the opponent strategy now is one for one meaning he attract my General with his General, my Colonel with his and so on, so he will have the highest rank.
( I will have one Caption and he will have three )
I know it's legitimate but there is no thinking when playing that way
What do you think about that Strategy ?

#2 maxroelofs



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Posted 07 October 2013 - 04:06 PM

I also thought so in the very beginning and this is how the player with two extra captains would definitely like to see it happen. But it's not a win for sure, instead, everything can happen depending on who plays.


In this case, player 1 has two extra captains so he wants to trade generals with player 2. What would change the odds is:


1. player two knows a colonel so he moves a piece to opponents kolonel, let's say a scout for instance. Your opponent will be afraid to lose his kolonel so he attacks it with his general.

2. Now you know his general you can start to take care of your opponent. Attack him with a few lower ranked pieces, your opponent will be afraid of what is coming and scout you or hit you with lower ranked pieces. Get an advantage of a sergeant/miner and a lieutenant for instance.

3. scout a piece on the other side, lets say you discover a major, start pushing the major. scaring your opponent, attack with two kolonels, avoid your opponents general. Your general will remain secret for as long as possible.

4. If he is dumb he will defend the major with his own general, take his major with your general if possible and trade of generals. You trade one kolonel and do the same thing i described before, keep your second kolonel secret. But lets say your opponent is not hundred percent stupid and tries to attack your kolonel, move around the lake and push his kolonel to scare him of your general.

5. Scout on the other side again, let's say you discover a captain, take the captain with your general. Now you are still down a captain but you are ahead a sergeant and lieutenant. Player 2 will win the game.


It's difficult when you are down two captains, but information is sometimes worth more then just the captains. When you get information your opponent will be afraid of every attacking piece and waste lower pieces on it. Outnumber him in the end.

To watch stratego videos: https://www.youtube....HOHXWONQMsVcOLA

#3 trickz



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Posted 07 October 2013 - 05:46 PM

I agree what Max says.

Some players are really specialized in playing when they're behind.

In fact you have the advantage if you know his marsh, gen and a col, although you're two captains behind.

He knows nothing so he's gonna have to invest with pawns to find out.

You make the price so expensive possible.

If he wants to see your general, marsh or a col, he's gonna have to pay a tax for that.

You know he will use anything lower than a captain to find out so you can be sure to hit an incoming piece with a captain or higher.

Now he still doesn't know anything plus meanwhile you drained him out.

The more lowbees he loses to midranks or to your tax-rule, the more chance that he's gonna have to gamble cuz' pretty soon he's out of personnel.  And that's exactly what you want.

You have to play a bluffy mindgame to drain him out and you can't do that if you immediately take out your highest piece to attack cuz' the chance that he will detect it very cheaply his very high.

You want him to detect your high pieces expensive possible of course,.....in order to gain advantage over two already lost captains.

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#4 tableplay



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Posted 07 October 2013 - 11:38 PM

the original post was edited so much by the moderator that I am replacing it with this.

#5 Midnightguy



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Posted 08 October 2013 - 12:18 AM

This is a good topic and I don't want it to turn into another mud slinging contest.  You will refrain from personal attacks here in the forum.


Being down two captains to me for many cases never been a big deal and I can recover and win.  I usually lose my captains to bombs or to a Marshall or General.  I take the loss and learn some valuable information.  Ideally you want to avoid trading off pieces when you are behind, but sometimes pending on flag location it may be to your advantage to trade off so, you can get that miner through to the flag or another higher rank if the flag is open.  


The main thing is, to become a better player you have to learn how to also play for position and learn how disguise and bluff.  Players who only try to attack pieces instead of planning to take out the flag, tend to make some careless mistakes at times and become predictable.  Example they spent their resources going after a loose piece with two of theirs, then suddenly find out was only a scout or Sergeant and that higher ranked piece they thought they had trapped is doing some damage elsewhere.  


While its always comforting to have some sort of a lead with material, its not the end all be all either way. 

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