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Disconnected players...

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Posted 11 September 2013 - 01:12 PM

It sometimes happens when a player is losing and instead of surrendering, he decides to just abandon the game. Some just disconnect while others just let time run out. For the other player, this isn't fun because he has to wait several minutes before he finally wins. We've all been there and be annoyed by it.


On the other hand, I recently was in a game a few days ago which was about to be a draw, even though my opponent had a marshall and a sergeant and I a Colonel, a Captain and also a sergeant. His flag was protected by bombs but mine was not. Unfortunately, I had 5 bombs and he only had two possible guesses. And if he guessed wrong, I would win.

I'd offered a tie twice but he refused. He would never capture any of my pieces with just a Marshall and as long as his Marshall didn't walk into a bomb, I could not win either. Still, my opponent thought he could win...

Then it happened. At 2:00 in the night, Facebook decided I was logged in long enough for today and I needed to log in. Unfortunately, the game did not recognise this and gave me a blank board with no pieces. It took a few moments for me this was a nasty glitch and after refreshing the page, I had to log in to facebook first before I could return to the game. And I did not make it in time...

Really annoying, when a technical problem causes a player to disconnect.


So, sometimes players are disconnected by accident. So I have a suggestion to improve the experience:

1) shorten the time-out of delay before a victory is declared. One minute is more than enough. 

2) When a timeout occurs, save the game and declare the remaining player (V) victor.

3) When the losing player (L) returns, give him a chance to request continuation of the game. This needs to happen within 24 hours after the game, else the victory is permanent.

3a) If no continuation request is made, L will receive an 8-hour ban on multi-player games the first time he logs in again. (Single-player is still possible.)

4) If a continuation request is made then the system will wait until both players are online again and offer them a chance to continue the game. (If they're not in-game already.)

5) If L refuses, he will forfeit permanently.

6) If V refuses, the game will be changed to a tie instead and L will have a chance to ask for arbitration of the game. V can also ask for arbitration instead of continuation. Arbitration will result in a tie by default.

6a) Arbitration is done by multiple, experienced players who can decide who has a reasonable chance of winning. If so, he will be declared winner, else it stays a tie. 

7) If the game continues, it's just like all other regular games. The disconnection will be considered a technical problem.


This system should punish those who just disconnect on purpose while allowing people who've experienced technical problems a chance to just continue. It probably needs to be fine-tuned a bit more and it might not be too easy to implement, but still... It's a worthwhile idea, right?

\/\//\ Wim,

Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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Posted 24 September 2013 - 06:46 PM



I was like you and was concerned when this feature first was created, the loser may keep leaving the table to return and keep making the winner wait 2:30 each time they left.  


However, the current system of 2:30 for the disconnect is TOTAL TIME a player may leave the time during the match.  Say the person accidentally closed their game window, let's say pending on computer speed of the user, say 20-30 seconds has been ran off the disconnect clock.  If they left the table again that is now only 2 minutes left they have to return to the game not 2:30.  I say leave the 2:30 total clock time being gone, as is.  Your proposed idea of one minute is too short in my view, because sometime a player may need to reboot their computer because of it freezing up and that will take as least two minutes to return to the game pending on their computer setup.  


As for people who quit the game because they are losing, do what I do:  come to forum read some topics, read your E-mails...you got the win either way.  I would just like it if the player quits, just have it where you can still do other things on the site like IM friends or chat in the room instead of the box blocking up the entire game.  

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