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QuickTourn Rules

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Posted 27 December 2016 - 01:10 AM

QuickTourn Rules




1)Tournament Overview

  1. This will be a single elimination tournament in the "Quick Game" part of stratego. Each player has 10 pieces instead of the usual 40. 
  2. As quick games are short, each round will be run as a best of three. The person to win the most games in each round will progress to the next round.
  3. If there is a draw after 3 matches, additional timebreaker matches must be played immediately after.
  4. This tournament will begin on Monday, January 2nd 2017. The length of this tournament will vary based on the number of players, but we anticipate it will last approximately 4-5 weeks. 
  5. Each round will last 1 week.
  6. All games are to be played on Stratego.com ONLY.  Games must not be played live, or on other stratego websites.
  7. All pairings will be randomly generated using challonge.com.


2) Who is eligible?

  1. All non-banned players are eligible to play. 
  2. Please be advised that alias accounts and multiple registrations by one player are strictly forbidden. 
  3. A player's account must NOT be accessed by anyone aside from the player. If a player needs specific assistance in scheduling matches (e.g. translation), the TC will arrange an official proxy. 


3) Arranging the tournament games and providing time slots

  1. As soon as TC has opened the new match topic in the forum, participants may start arranging games. The TC will create separate forum topics for all matches.
  2. Each player must provide 3 time slots by Wednesday 23:59 each round. It is mandatory that all timeslots are in GMT time (see  http://www.greenwichmeantime.com) and use the 24 hour clock (no AM/PM proposals)
  3. It is required that each timeslots includes AT LEAST a 2 hour window where the player is to start the game (e.g. "I can play Wednesday 16:00-18:00"). 
  4. If a player does NOT provide 3 timeslots by Wednesday 23:59 GMT, they will receive a yellow card. 2 of these will result in disqualification from the tournament.
  5. If a match is already arranged, players are no longer obligated to provide timeslots unless either party requests a cancellation. 
  6. The games in each round may not start any later than 20:00 GMT on Sunday. 


4) When is a game considered "arranged" by the TC?

  1. A game is considered "ARRANGED" if a player picks a timeslot offered by the opponent and states this in the match topic. This is only on the basis that the start date does NOT occur within the next 24 hours which gives your opponent reasonable notice. A player must pick a specific time (e.g. 19:30 GMT) and NOT a timeslot for a game to be officially arranged.
  2. However, there may be an occasion where both players meet up and want to play the games, but have not yet made an official arrangement. If both parties wish to play a game spontaneously they must BOTH post in the match topic that the game is about to begin. 
  3. It is preferred both players enter the challenge zone before starting the game. This is not mandatory under normal circumstances, but it may be necessary in some situations (e.g. to prove your opponent did not show for the game. See rule 7)
  4. All games are to be played on stratego.com only using the "Challenge a friend" feature. Games must NOT be played using the regular quick arena matchup button. We urge all players to send a friend request to their opponent as soon as possible. You may contact TC if you are having difficulties with this. 

5) What if there are no valid game arrangements?

  1. If both players have provided 3 acceptable timeslots (Rule 3.3) but there is no matching time then the TC would urge both players to continue providing availability until there is a matchup.
  2. If at Friday 23:59 there is no valid arrangement, the game will be AUTOMATICALLY arranged for Sunday at 17:00 GMT. 
  3. If in the circumstance that either player has a timezone of +6 GMT or greater, the default time will be shifted backwards until it falls before 22 local time. (example: if someone is GMT+8, the default time will be Sunday 14GMT). If the default time is changed, it will be communicated in advance to both players. 
  4. If a player can not make the default time, it is the sole responsibility of the player to inform TC of this before Wednesday 23:59 GMT. 

6) What if a player is going to be absent for a few days?

  1. Due to time constraints, we recommend that all players have sufficient time to play in each week. 
  2. However, If you are going to be absent for a few days in a week, and can not provide availability before the Wednesday curfew, please contact TC in advance of your absence with your timeslots for the week. Please be aware if there is no matching arrangement by Friday (Rule 5.2) the game will be automatically arranged. 


7) What happens if my opponent does not show up at the arranged time?

  1. If the game is arranged (see Rule 4.1) and your opponent has not arrived by 10 minutes after the scheduled start date (e.g. Your opponent does not arrive by 13:10 yet the game was scheduled to start at 13:00), please send the TC ADEQUATE PROOF of this in your forum match topic. We highly recommend a screenshot of the challenge zone, and a screenshot of your friend list showing your opponent is not online. 
  2.  A player who does not show up for the arranged time, provided the criteria in rule 7.1 is met, will receive a Yellow Card. 2 of these will result in disqualification from the tournament.
  3. In the scenario where a player did not show up for the match, and it is BEFORE FRIDAY 23:59 GMT, the match will be rescheduled. Both players will then be urged to provide additional timeslots if necessary.
  4. In the scenario where a player did not show up for the match, and it is AFTER FRIDAY 23:59 GMT, then the opponent is automatically awarded the victory. 

8) Reporting Match Results

  1. We require the results of the matches be posted immediately after the games have concluded. Please state the results for all games played in your match topic and provide proof of this. 
  2. This may be done by either linking to screenshots of the match results, or by mutual confirmation. 
  3. To prevent any disputes, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND both players of each match makes a screenshot of each game result. 
  4. If there are no screenshots provided and the players are NOT in agreement about the match results, then the games are to be rescheduled for Sunday 17:00GMT. 


9) Cancellations

  1. A player may choose to cancel an arranged match if there is a MINIMUM of 24 hours notice before the game is about to start. 
  2. If there is less than 24 hours notice before the match is due to start, the player may still request to cancel, but it will only be considered valid if the opponent agrees to the cancellation. In the circumstance that the opponent does NOT accept the request to cancel the match at short notice, the game will NOT be considered cancelled and will proceed as planned. 
  3. When a match has been officially deemed cancelled (either by satisfying rules 9.1 OR 9.2) then the player who wished to cancel MUST provide 3 extra timeslots in accordance with rule 3.3. A player who fails to do this will receive a yellow card. 2 of these will result in a disqualification.
  4. Please note that after Friday 23:59 GMT, cancellations are NOT permitted due to time constraints. A cancellation notice issued after this time will be considered invalid, and the match will proceed as previously arranged.


10) Match Disputes and Disconnects

  1. If a player is booted from the site during setup phase, the game must IMMEDIATELY restart.
  2. If a player claims to be legitimately disconnected while the match is underway, it is first upto the players to decide if a rematch should take place. If both players agree to a rematch, then this rematch must take place IMMEDIATELY.
  3. If only the disconnected/booted player is willing to play, then the TC will judge on a case by case basis whether the match is to be replayed or not. In this circumstance, we recommend the winning player provide a FULL screenshot showing the graveyards to the TC. Players must respect the decision of the TC, which is final.
  4. If there is a dispute for any other reason, TC will judge on a case by case basis. Players must respect the decision of the TC, which is final.
  5. TC members are NOT allowed to vote or judge in cases involving themselves. 


11) Battlefield Etiquette Policy

If you feel your opponent has violated any of our fair play guidelines, please provide adequate proof to TC (either screenshots or video).

  1. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
  2. Players are not allowed to refuse a CLEAR DRAW without making significant progress within 5 minutes. The TC will judge cases of draw refusal within this tournament.
  3. Double chasing, while being allowed in the programming of Stratego.com, is NOT permitted here. However, counter chasing is allowed. 
  4. Prolonged chasing or intentional time wasting is not permitted.
  5. Public insinuations or accusations will NOT be tolerated. If you have any dispute about your match, we require it first be brought to TC's attention PRIVATELY via the PM feature.


12) Disciplinary Action: Disqualifications and Yellow cards

A player may expect to receive a yellow card under the following circumstances:

  • Not providing 3 acceptable timeslots by Wednesday 23:59GMT
  • Not showing up for an arranged match within 10 minutes
  • Cancelling a match without providing additional timeslots.
  • Violating the Battlefield Etiquette Policy

A yellow card will be WIPED from the player's history after 4 weeks have elapsed since the yellow card was awarded. 2 Yellow cards will result in disqualification from the tournament. This means that the player will be ejected from the tournament, and their opponent will be automatically awarded the victory.



13) Unforeseen Circumstances

  1. We may alter or change these rules at any time. We will provide a public notice if we do so, explaining what has been changed. 
  2. In the event that something occurs which is not covered by our rules, the TC will judge on a case by case basis. 
  3. The TC are not allowed to judge in cases involving themselves.
  4. The Tournament Committee (TC) currently has 5 members: TheOptician, sevenseas, Mr Smith, steelers and astros. 



By registering to this tournament, you automatically agree to "accept" these rules and guidelines. We wish you good luck, and have fun in QuickTourn! 

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