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NASF Bowl Games and REMINDERS ! ! ! and Interviews

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Posted 11 December 2016 - 02:28 PM

Hear ye! Hear ye! The postseason match-ups are final and there are yet several bowl games yet to be played! *(Please use the other thread for scheduling matches, and of course, comments here are welcome).


First, reminders if you please, as the following bowl games must be played this week:


The Major Bowl:  #7 Robmatthews15 vs. #8 General Rascal


The Captain Bowl:  #9 MTinsley vs. #10 Texaspete09


The Miner Bowl:  #15 queenbee1 vs. #16 8oo8


The Toilet Bowl: #17 Gwynplaine vs. #17 Gwynplaine


Britney Spears has agreed to sing the National Anthem at the start of the Toilet Bowl–when the NASF committee discovered that Justin Bieber wanted to appear, well, let’s just say that the committee has no tolerance for egregious displays of bad form.


Stories and interviews to follow after the next announcement!


In the NASF Semi-finals:


#1 constrictor vs. #5 josephwhite

#2 mrbrainiac vs. #3 --Wogomite--


Also, meeting in the highly esteemed


The Colonel Bowl: #4 astros vs. #6 The Prof


Congratulations go to our very own #12 Billionthego, winner of the Lieutenant Bowl, and #13 njphillips12, winner of the Sergeant Bowl!! We are also very grateful for the participation of Steelers and Silent Slayer. Thank you very much!


When NASF correspondent Wilfred Whipple and his photographer asked RobMatthews15 how he felt about his upcoming match with General Rascal in The Major Bowl, he replied, “Who the heck are you guys?!” General Rascal was no less inquisitive as he gave the command to his sergeant for W.W. and cameraguy to leave. Mispronouncing the command “Ten-hut,” it sounded more like “GET-OUT!”


MTinsley granted a rare interview with Gwynplaine in which he decried lotto tactics as worthless, foolish, annoying, and cowardly. Gwynplaine agreed 1,000%. MTinsley said about texaspete09, “Now let me get this straight–you guys are pairing me up with a hot sauce for the Captain Bowl???” Texaspete09 is no slouch and had this to say, “Bring it on, man! I’m gonna burn him going into the bowl and I’m going to burn him comin’ out of the bowl!”

8oo8, the man of mystery, the man of few words, the man with a plan to demand and stand, had this to say when asked, “Are you afraid of getting stung by the QueenBee1?”

“ -  -  -  - ”  Well, we are still waiting for his answer, but you may be sure of one thing, 8oo8 will glide silently into the arena, take his place commanding his troops, and the war will be waged with a fury! QueenBee1 was more reflective on the matter when asked her feelings about the bowl... “You talkin’ to me?” (She looks around). “You talkin’ to me? I don’t see anyone else around here…” (Looking about with minimal movement) “You must be talkin’ to me…” This reporter had the good sense to vamoose before things got really ugly.


And last and least, sadly, Gwynplaine could not be reached for comment, but the two warriors scheduled to play in the Scout Bowl have refused to speak with one another. :ph34r:  :ph34r: More to follow on this later!

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