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2nd Online World Championship - Rules and sign up

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Posted 04 August 2016 - 03:51 PM



EDIT: The Skype requirement has been removed


'' 2nd online WC- Questions '' thread



Dear players,


It is an honour to officialy announce the 2nd Online World Championship (WC) of Stratego. Hereby you are all invited to participate in this event.


The organisation of this online WC will be done by the following three members (same as 1st edition):

- KARAISKAKIS ( former moderator of stratego.com and organiser / referee of 2 online tournaments on stratego.com. -organiser of several local live tournaments in  Greece )

Morx ( organiser/referee of the live WC 2008 and 2014 )

Nortrom ( organiser/referee of several local tournament in the Netherlands and organiser / referee of many online 

tournaments on metaforge )


In case one of the organisation members participates, he shall not vote in any disputes in which he is part of.


The online WC will take roughly 20 weeks ( 2 weeks per round, 10 rounds )


0. Definitions


Online WC - online world championships of Stratego

Participant - Player who participates in the online WC

Organiser / referee - Persons who are responsible for the organisation aswell as any rulings or / and decisions

Team, the team, WC team, tournament team, etc.. - The three organizing persons ( KARAISKAKIS, Morx and Nortrom )

Cheating - See 7.3.

Unsporting behaviour - See 7.4.



1. Requirements


1.1. The online WC is open for anyone willing to participate as long as the participant is has an ELO rating of 200 or better at the time when he signs up 


1.2. The participant is legally eligible to use Skype


1.3. The participant must agree to using Skype during the games, this includes:

- Videocall, including a functioning camera ( face must be clearly visible )

- Sharing Skype contact details with other participants, including those you have had negative experiences with in the past


1.4. The participant must share his skype account and a clear picture of himself with the WC team, which can be used to compare the face shown during the games. e.g. http://i.imgur.com/7GoZEfX.png

 The WC team reserves the right to request new / better pictures in case the identity is not clearly visible (hats, bad quality and such)


1.5. The participant must be able to communicate in English, on such level that the participant is able to:

- Arrange his own matches

- Have basic communication with other participants and the WC team

- Understanding of the ISF tournament rules and additional information which can be found in this invitation


1.6. The participant must know how to make, save and share screenshots in order to prove the result of a game, but also 

potentialy showing any forms of misbehaving or breach of rules aswell as knowing how to communicate through the forum    ( both private and public messages )


1.7. A personal (not shared) account on stratego.com


1.8. The participant, if requested, must share the name of each account the participant has with the WC team if requested. This information may be shared with other participants.


1.9. The participant must have completed at least 8 games at the end of the online WC ( being awarded a win counts as a 

completed game ), having less than 8 games completed could result ( each case will be judged seperately ) in exclusion 

from a next online WC. Missing two games in a row has the same effect


1.10. The participant has read and acknowledged the rules / terms. By signing up you automatically agree to the rules / terms, read or not


1.11. If you participated last year and we have your picture, you do not need to send a picture again (basically players who participated last year are not required to send a picture – however, all other info is required as all data was destroyed)


2. Sign up


If you fulfill the requirements and there is no reason to disallow participation ( including, but not limited to things such as negative encounters with other participants or suspicion that one of the requirements in 1. are not fulfilled )


2.1. Sign up period: From the moment of posting (see time stamp)

2.2. End of sign up period: 18.59 GMT, 18th of September 2016

2.3. Can be done in this thread, a picture as described in 1.4. must be shared via private message


3. Limitations


3.1. All games must be played on stratego.com

3.2. A participant must participate with his highest ranked account ( in case the highest ranked account is not the most known account, the participant may ask an exception to the TC, example: If Cosinus would be ranked above Sohal, the account of Sohal ( if given permission ) may be used instead )

3.3. The colour black may not be used as piece background


4. Other online WC / useful information


4.1. Pairings will be made using Swiss Perfect, using the ranking list which can be found at http://greg.kleier.n...sel=0&nat[]=all


Unranked participants will have a starting ranking of 600. It might occur that there is an odd number, in which case one participant will have a so called bye (worth 6 points), Swiss Perfect will decide who this participant is. A participant may receive a maximum of 1 bye during the online WC. More details and informations about how SP works can be found in '' 2nd  online WC- Questions '' thread



4.2. Tiebreaks will be done by BUCH / MBUCH points, done by Swiss Perfect


4.3. Each round will take a maximum of 2 weeks.

In case a game has not been played, the WC team may decide that, based on effort of getting the game played by one or both of the participants

A: The game is won by one of the participants, awarding the winning participant 6 points, the losing participant 1 point ( the losing participant showed some effort ), this scoring will be used in case of a legimate disconnect

B: The game is won by one of the participants, awarding the winning participant 6 points, the losing participant 0 points 

( the losing participant showed no or nearly zero effort ), this scoring can be used in case of an illegitimate disconnect

C: The game is a draw ( both participants showed a lot of effort )

D: Both participants receive 1 point ( both participants showed some effort )

E: Both participants receive 0 points ( neither participant showed any effort )

F: One participant receives 1 point, the other participant receives 0 points ( in case the former has showed some, but very minimal effort, and the other participant has showed no, or nearly no effort )

G: Otherwise, to be decided by WC team

Effort is measured in: Availability aswell as actively trying to get the game played

Above also applies in case of any disputes or / and difficulties, during or / and outside the actual game


5. Game arrangement


5.1. Communication


Game arrangement will be done privately ( see 1.6. ). The WC team will start the private messages, participants in those messages will be:

- The 2 participants

- 1, 2 or 3 members of the WC team

- Anyone else the WC team needs / wishes to invite


5.2. Showing availability

Both of the participants should give an indication of their availability, in the following ( or similar ) format:

Date - available time slots ( earliest starting and latest starting time ) in GMT. In case there is no availabilty on said day, a participant may put " N/A " or something similair

Availability must be given for the entire week ( Monday - Sunday ), obviously this is just an indication, not a formal offer / agreement.

Availability (per week – this may be disregarded for the 2nd week if the game has already concluded ) must be shown, latest, by Wednesday 21.59 GMT. Failing to do so will result into (unofficial) warnings and loss of credit in case a game remains unplayed. Too many warnings will result into a talk with the WCO team about the issue.


5.3. In case a game can not be arranged, the default time for the game will be sunday of the second week of the round, at 18.00 GMT. Please note that if participant X has showed a lot of effort, and participant Y has not, but shows up at the default time, the probability of the WC team awarding the win to participant X is pretty high.


6. Disputes


6.1. A participant may start a dispute if:

- The participant suspects another participant is cheating or / and showing unsporting behaviour ( see 7.3. and 7.4. ), this does not necessarily have to be an opponent. An accusation should include evidence or at the very least proper reasoning in case evidence could not be gathered.

6.2. The rules do not foresee in a situation;

Please note that asking a question ( for example, "did my opponent make an illegal move?" ) is not automatically a dispute and therefore evidence is not required



7. Behaviour and disconnects


7.1. Participants or / and persons who ( intentionally ) try to ruin the experience for others or / and are found guilty 

of misbehaving including but not limited to needlessly dragging on with disputes that have been dealt with, may be 

disqualified or / and excluded from new online WC(s) 


7.2. Disconnects, in case a participant disconnects during the setup phase, or before atleast 1 move was made, a replay 

will be automatically granted to this participant ( max 1 replay per participant per game ). In other cases, the 

participant's opponent may decide to claim the victory, which the WC team will award, unless the site was at fault. We 

request the best of sportmanship from each participant, this includes but is not limited to granting a replay ( if 

reasonable ) or / and telling the disconnected ( but reconnected in time ) participant the current standings since the 

graveyards reset after a disconnect


7.3. Cheating, includes but is not limited to:

- Using software to keep track of pieces;

- Using software to calculate the probability of a piece being a certain rank;

- Using spreadsheets or other forms of statisical information during the game;

- Using notes during the game ( during the setup phase this is fine );

- Taking notes during the game, whether this is done on paper or using software such as notepad;

- Simulating the game in any possible way;

- Communicating with other participants / persons during the game  ( not necessarily participants ) regarding advice;

- (Repeatedly) breaking the game rules, this also includes the ISF game tournament rules;

- (Intentional) bug abuse;

- Matchfixing;

- Falsifying game results, whether this is done by chat or modifying screenshots

- Faking a disconnect;

- Sharing false information ( picture, skype and such ).


7.4. Unsporting behaviour, includes but is not limited to:

- Stalling ( 'includes refusal of obvious tie(s )' ) More details and informations can be found in '' 1st online WC- Questions '' thread


- ( Repeatedly ) threatening piece(s) that can not be captured, this also includes threatening pieces in order to buy time ( passing the turn to the opponent to reset the movetimer by meaningless moves )

- Name calling / insulting;

- Accusations without evidence;

- Leaving a game without surrendering;

- Faking a disconnect;

- Encouraging an opponent to surrender in a disrespectful manner, this also includes an "offensive gg" ( example: Participant A kills participant B's marshall, participant A calls gg ( like.. just surrender, the game is over ).


7.5. Skype and unstable connections

In case a participant has an unstable connection, causing disconnects while using skype and playing, the participant may 

request an exception from the WC team, this should preferably be done before the start of the tournament ( the WC team 

may ask this participant to play a game with skype on as a test )


8. The game


8.1. Both participants show up in challenge zone at the agreed time. (may be skipped in case both participants have friended eachother, but CZ must be shown in case of a no-show dispute)

8.2. Both participants have added eachother to skype ( note: if BOTH participants agree, skype does not have to be used, this also means no video )

8.3. After the game has finished, both participants are expected to save the screenshot of the result screen ( in case of 

a disconnect, only the participant who did not disconnect )

8.4. The screenshot should atleast contain:

- Both participant's account names;

- The current time and date, preferably using http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/ ;

- Amount of moves;

- Duration of the game;

- Standings ( the graveyards must be visible, the pieces / setups may be edited out ).

* Unclear, uncomplete, suspicious or lack of screenshots might result into a replay, to be decided by the WC team

8.5. One of the participants ( preferably the winner ) posts the screenshot ( see 8.4. for requirements ), the result ( written as text ) in the private message used to arrange the game.

8.6. Each game or match is a best of 1. The scoring is as follows ( assuming no disputes and such ). Win: 6. Draw: 3. 

Loss: 1

8.7. In case both participants confirm the result, a screenshot is not required


In order to gather the maximum of information for future use (stats etc.) WC team would appreciate to post screenshots as much as possible and keep the confirmation rule only in cases when for unexpected reasons there is no victory screenshot .


9. Misc


9.1. In case a participant is delayed or unable to be there at the agreed time, this participant must let his opponent know atleast 2 hours in advance. The WC team must also be informed.

9.2. In case a participant is not present 10 minutes after the agreed time, the opponent may claim the victory by informing the WC team about the issue and providing a screenshot with the current time ( using http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/ ). In case a participant has a lot of cancellations, late / no- shows, the WC team may take action agaist this participant, this includes but is not limited to reduction of buffer time, lower credit when a game is unplayed and disqualification

9.3. Each participant is encouraged to record the game in so it can function as evidence regarding chasing, or other potential breach of rules, solving chasing situations with screenshots is rather difficult. A short tutorial how to use   an easy program to record  your games can be found here http://forum.stratego.com/topic/2692-1st-online-world-championships-questions/page-2#entry40158

9.4. Rounds will most likely not be delayed, the way Swiss Perfect works is that one unplayed game, can hold up the entire tournament. The WC team believes that 2 weeks is very generous to get the game played.

9.5. The WC team prefers that any disputes or other forms of unhappiness is tried to solve by the participants, the WC team will use above terms as guidelines so participants know what to expect. The WC team reserves to right to make decisions that do not stricly follow said guidlines

9.6. If new rules are made during the tournament to deal with certain unforseen circumstances they will be used from the next round onwards

9.7. In case there is a dispute during the game and one of the WC team members is online and available at skype, the participants may ask one of the WC team members to act as referee during the game by using the screenshare function in 

skype, this is not always possible, but preferable over watching screenshots or / and recorded games

9.8. Where "his" is used, "her" can also be used instead

9.9 The information gathered to meet the requirement in 1.4 relating to skype account names and pictures will be deleted after the tournament


9.10  No show consequences:

1st offense:  1 min buffer time penalty for said game

2nd offense: 1 min buffer time penalty for said game + two next games ( in case there are less than 2 games remaining, the WCO team will think of something else )

3rd offense: lost game

4th offense: To be decided by WCO team, may include disqualification.

Note: Above consequences are guidelines and may be used differently per situation



10. Prizes


The International Stratego Federation (ISF)  supports the Online World Championship Stratego 2016/2017 on Stratego.com. ISF offers:
 the top three players medals and free entrance the Live World Championship 2017.



Many thanks to Hermann Kleier for his kindly offer  to create and run  the international online  stratego rating.



'' 1st online WC- Questions '' thread


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Posted 04 August 2016 - 03:59 PM

I am in, +2 GMT.
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Posted 04 August 2016 - 04:28 PM

I am in ,  GMT+3




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Posted 04 August 2016 - 05:12 PM



I thought that this time i would be the first registration but actually I am late  :(

Anyway I am in this big annual event ! GL to all and have a nice and exciting tournament  :)


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Posted 04 August 2016 - 11:54 PM

I would like to play.
3 - 0

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Posted 05 August 2016 - 09:04 AM

I'm in, gmt -4

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Posted 05 August 2016 - 09:38 AM

I'm in, from Switzerland, gmt+2 at begin of WC online

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Posted 05 August 2016 - 10:58 AM

I will play , GMT+3

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i am in ,gmt+2

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Posted 05 August 2016 - 02:59 PM

I'm in GMT+2

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Posted 07 August 2016 - 09:30 AM

I'm in gmt +2

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Posted 07 August 2016 - 08:16 PM

I'm in. GMT -4.

- N

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Posted 08 August 2016 - 08:25 AM

I'm in... to win this time ;)  AU - +10:00GMT currently.

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Posted 09 August 2016 - 12:59 PM

I'm in..GMT +3

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Posted 09 August 2016 - 01:16 PM

I'm also in, GMT +2.

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Posted 10 August 2016 - 01:56 PM

I'm in. +3 GMT

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Posted 10 August 2016 - 05:22 PM

I'm in. Hellas +3 GMT

Have fun. It's just a game! 

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Posted 11 August 2016 - 07:43 PM

I'm in

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Posted 11 August 2016 - 07:47 PM

I'm in +1 GMT

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Posted 11 August 2016 - 10:29 PM

Nevermind, I withdraw. 


Good luck to everyone else who is involved. :)

I play as Sevenseas & Don't Cry

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