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Final Results Masters Divisions 2015/16

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Posted 16 May 2016 - 12:27 PM

Dear Masters Divisions players,


The Masters Divisions 2015/16 has finally come to an end. It was a real rollercoaster of games. Within 9 weeks a lot of titanic, surprising opponents, but most of all fun battles took place! The TC wants to thank you all for your great co-operation and (most of the time) your flexibility.


The very last game of the Masters Divisions is finished, so we are happy to announce the final standings and results are as following:


Division 1:




Hielco and playa1 tied at 46 points, but there can only be one absolute winner of Division 1! Hielco managed to defeat playa1 in their own (fantastic) battle, so Hielco will be crowned Champion of Division 1 2015/16. Congratulations!


Nortrom was only 1 point behind the both, without losing a single game!! This is a prestation in itself, only Nortrom, of all Divisions together, managed to stay undefeated.


Division 2




We saw a tie in the final results of Division 1, but Division 2 definitely tops that! TheOptician, gmits AND Luckypapa ended on 36 points. With TheOptician beating both gmits and Luckypapa in their game, he runs away with the 2nd spot! Luckypapa and gmits even tied themselves in their own game. So there is no other option for them than sharing the 3rd spot! Well done guys. THEE_ASSASSIN and dutchkillers also tied at a total of 31 points, but THEE_ASSASSIN managed to beat dutchkillers in their game, securing his 5th spot!


The highest amount of total points of all divisions was reached by cflag! Cflag will therefore be crowned the Champion of Division 2. Congratulations! Only don mitsos was able to trick cflag into a defeat!


Division 3




Division 3 was the smoothest Division of them all! Almost every game was planned right away, without any trouble. And only Division 3 managed to finish all of the games within the set 9 weeks. Fantastic guys!


Division 3 produced some nice and exciting games, but soon it was clear who the champion of Division 3 was going to be. Leppie is crowned the undisputable Champion of Division 3. Congratulations! Both, The Maestro and Mr. Smith, and B.E.M. HCS  and Späher tied at total points. Mr. Smith, however, found a way to defeat The Maestro, taking the 3rd spot for himself! Neither Späher nor B.E.M. HCS was able to gain the upper hand above one another, so they need to share the 5th spot!


Division 4




The word 'rollercoaster' definitely applies on this Division! Division 4 started of as the biggest Division, but lost 2 players along the way. ​Nonentheless Division 4 was a fun Division producing some interesting games! Untill the end it wasn't clear who was going to be crowned as Champion of Division 4! Josephwhite, texaspete09, egw197077 and Grizzlybaer all had a shot at the 1st place! The play-off ultimately decided who secured the 1st place and who became runner-up. Egw197077 is being crowned Champion of Division 4. Congratulations!


Moghedien started off losing some games, but came back amazingly. He tied at 34 points together with texaspete09. Texaspete09 couldn't trick Moghedien into a defeat, so after all Moghedien took the 4th place!


We've seen a lot of ties in the results, this indicates you were all redoubtable opponents for eachother! Thanks for playing and till next years Masters Divisions!



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