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Trump Analysis

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Posted 3 days ago

I guess everyone who doesn't agree with you is a communist terrorist snowflake. You don't hear me calling all Trump supporters Nazi sexist bigots. There's no point continuing because you don't have a rational discussion, you just post pro-Trump talking points.

I did not call you a communist or terrorist from your own posts you mention this is something you would support just to get Trump out of office. As for snowflake this is not every democrat but you stated now that the reason you don't like Trump is not for his polices or how well he is doing it is because of his wording and twitter wars, which yes makes you a snowflake.

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Posted 3 days ago

I didn't say I don't have a problem with Trumps policies, I disagree with the majority of them. But that is not what I was trying to argue.  There are plenty of politicians who I don't agree with policy-wise.  I said I have a major problem with the way he conducts himself and represents our country.  I probably agreed with Anthony Weiner on many policies, but I would be mortified if he was the face of the country representing us to the world.  If that makes me a snowflake in your eyes, let it snow.


And for some reason you're obsessed with Ocasio-Cortez, who I never mentioned anywhere here.  According to your 'true' media sources, she's representative of the typical Democrat voter and is one of the leaders of the Democrat party.  She's a 28 year old that just won a special election for congress in a liberal area.  That makes her about the 1000th most important Democrat.  But because she's probably the most extreme, she's the person your 'true' media sources would love to paint all Democrats like.  That's as responsible as saying that Alex Jones is the poster boy for Republican voters.

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Posted 2 days ago

I dont think he is trolling. 


Yeah if you support communism stay in the Netherlands my friend. 


Ok, I was wrong… This way discussion is over for me.

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