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Trump Analysis

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Posted 3 days ago

Morality if fluid. At one time in the US history it was moral to own slaves.

As long as Roe V Wade is the law the doctor or the patient deserve no punishment.


Once again we have strayed off topic and as this was supposed to be an analysis of Trump and not an analysis of Obamacare or unwanted pregnancy.


I don't know what the value of a life is, but apparently we feel compelled to place a value on life by enacting healthcare laws or failing to do so. Healthcare reform will meet with far more resistance than single payer, but what if government was taken out of the equation. Trump ran on repealing Obamacare and he can't seem to get that done without some sort of replacement. Any replacement will once again be government interference with the marketplace so I think government cannot fix a problem that is systemic. Repeal it and don't replace it. I am of the opinion that the government cannot fix healthcare.


I think the majority believe that Medicaid and Medicare are okay as long as they can opt out of it. The problem is no one can see the future and almost everyone cannot afford catastrophic care or skilled nursing at the end of life. I don't think there is a government answer for healthcare, but we are pretty much stuck with something for the elderly and the poor.

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Posted 3 days ago

Lo I often wonder if the majority of people had to spend a week in a nursing home they might change their opinions. If every human being had to sit in a bed for a week and listen to the screaming they might be more inclined to show the families compassion. To see the utter confusion and OCD behavior they exhibit is profundly sad. They keep rotating the patients so in a year we have had to deal with 5 totally different people. They are actually forced living in a room the size of a jail cell and many don't have visitors. The cost of private rooms is beyond what 95% of Americans can afford. 


It changed my opinion.


@Fairway I replied. I have nothing more to say on the issue.

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