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NASF Wall of Fame

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Posted 10 February 2016 - 03:18 AM

This page will recognize our members who won events from the NASF along withk other major events held by Stratego.com or any live events. It will also acknowledge honorable mentions for best performing NASF member of each tournament.


Current NASF Monarch:


Find the battle for kingship here:


(NASF)All Night Event (December 4th, 2015) - astros

(NASF)Double Elimination Tournament (January 4th, 2016 - March 2nd, 2016) - astros
(NASF)March Madness (February 29th, 2016 - April 5th, 2016) - strangeplayer
(NASF)Team Tournament Qualifier (May 6th, 2016 - June 3rd, 2016) - Wogomite
(NASF)Gold,Silver,Bronze Tournament (July 25th, 2016 - August 25th, 2016)- MTinsley
(TC)Junior Tournament----------------------------------------------------------------texaspete09
(NASF)Regular Season (September 5th, 2016 - January 5th, 2017) - Wogomite

(NASF)Team Qualifier (April 10, 2017 - June 28,2017) despy

(NASF) Round Robin (April 18, 2018 - June 19th, 2018) - Mtinsley
(AS Series) Survivor- Fairway

(NASF) Chicago Stratego open (Live tournament) (Novemember 18,2018) Fks

(TC) Pro-Random- JosephWhite

Honorable mentions:

(TC)Spring Tournament- mrbrainiac 4th place
(GR) 1st World Team Tournament- josephwhite, Steelers, Manning2Cruz, astros, Wogomite 3rd place
(TC)Champions League- THEE_ASSASSIN 3rd place
(TC) Backstabber Tournament- Wogomite Tied 4th place
(TC)Winter Tournament- mrbrainiac tied 7th place
(TC)Masters Division- mrbrainiac 5th place
(WCO) 2nd World Championship Online- Wogomite & texaspete09 Tied 5th place

(TC) Quick Arena Tournament- Wogomite 4th place
(Independent) Quick Arena Tournament- Wogomite 4th place
(Independent) Queenbee's Invitational- texaspete09 5th place
(TC) Masters Division- mrbrainiac 5th place
(TC) Champions League- despy tied 8th place
(International) 2nd World Team Tournament- despy, josephwhite, constrictor, texaspete09, Wogomite 3rd place
(ISF) Live World Championship- Wogomite 14th place
(TC) Pyramid League- Enigma 7th place
(TC) backstabber- Wogomite tied 8th place
(WCO) 3rd online World Championship- Malcom.jansen (astros) 17th place

(TC) Winter Tournament- texaspete09 tied 7th place
(TC) Pro-Ladder- texaspete09 2nd place
(TC) Champions League- astros and texaspete09 tied 9th
(TC) Pro-Perfect- Fks tied 5th place
(International) 3rd World Team Tournament- texaspete09, constrictor, Wogomite, Mtinsley, Fks 2nd place
(JC) Junior Tournament- Fairway and Fks tied 5th place
(ISF) Live World Championship Classic- Fks 23rd place
(ISF) Live World Championship Barrage-Fks 15th place

(ISF) Live open tournament - Fks  5th place

(TC) Pyramid League- (Apex)- Enigma 5th place, (Khufu)- Wogomite 2nd place

(NASF) Chicago Stratego Open (Live tournament) Wogomite 2nd place & GaryLShelton 3rd place

(TC) Pro-Random- Fks 2nd place

(WCO) World Online Championship- TexasPete09 7th place

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