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Napoleonian Survivor Final

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Posted A week ago

After a long long long tournament it's finally time for the final

All the participants who have been eliminated since the merge (from unladen swallow on) will have to vote for the player they want to see winning.

The last 2 finalists are Josephwhite and Yellowhat.

The finalist can first make a little speech if they wish while the jury can ask questions.

Please send me a PM with you final vote and if possible, with a feedback of the tournament (favourite challenge,...)

My question for the finalists: who were you allies and did your strategy for the council work as planned?
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Posted 6 days ago

It was a very interesting tournament, although quite long as mentioned due to the site down for a while and other factors.


I'm surprised I made it this far. I actually thought I was out when I lost in the semifinal, only to realise that I was given another shot by the way the tournament was structured.


I stayed true to my alliances throughout.


My initial allies were Nap1 and Fairway - Nap1 proposed an alliance with me until Sorrow and US were gone. I think he later regretted putting this condition.


Fairway and I formed an alliance with our Green team when that was formed, which we stuck to until the end. The Green team included:


Bobby Dylan
When the teams broke up, we continued an alliance and brought on Le Chuck through a bold, risky and loyal move by Garlick, who split the vote when we chose to vote Le Chuck out from the other team - because he Garlick's was a close friend and had an alliance with Le Chuck (he did tell us in advance that he would do this, which was bold but also honest). Therefore, we decided to bring Le Chuck into our alliance.
The Green Team probably would have voted everyone else out, because we had the numbers, leaving us as 5 left to fight each other  at the end (Fairway, garlick, Verti_GO, Le Chuck and I) until Nap1 pulled a fast one with the immunity necklace to get Fairway out. YH squeezed through to the end even though he wasn't in our alliance by doing well in all his challenges.

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