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Some Thoughts from Wogomite on Winning/Losing

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Posted 09 October 2019 - 08:05 PM

After I lamented to Wogomite ("rained on") in pm about my recent ELO woes and streaky playing, he responded with the following advice that will be of interest to many, I feel.  I told him would make a good topic post and so with his permission, I reprint his comments here.
Gary, dont be sorry. What you have just rained on me is an actual thing that I have analyzed and thought very much about. It happens to all of us and it somewhat intrigues me as to why. I have come up with my own thoughts and understandings on the matter. The "I'm going to win this game feeling" is a big one. It is simple confidence. Confidence allows yourself to think about the next best move because you want it bad enough. Without caring to win, we dont care to make the next best move which a lot of times leads to risk taking. This is not a guessing game and when we resort to it, skill over comes. A couple other things is if you are tired or your mind needs nutrients. It is important to rest and eat to play your best, after all, this is a mind game. Lastly, I have found that if I play less, I crave to use better skill. Playing less makes me want to PLAY Stratego for all it is and all I've got. When I play to much, I stop caring about stubbornly taking a major with only a col or a sgt with only a lueit. Ill start giving info away to easily. I find I will start getting sloppy and not resort to the minor details that makes me good. Consistency is the hard part with this game but there is a way to break through and get there...sometimes that means knowing when not to play. I've had to obstain for over a week or two before knowing that I would likely lose. The know you're going to win feeling is right around the corner from the know you will lose feeling. Just dont ignore the latter.



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Gaius Marius


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Posted 10 October 2019 - 05:25 AM

100% feel the same way.  Sometimes after a tough loss that you know you should have won, you need to walk away from the game for the rest of the day, or take a break until you are ready to refocus.  Readying up when you are not ready to commit to totally focus is a waste of time.

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Posted 10 October 2019 - 05:38 AM

True you must earn jealousy. Wise saying. I think I’m starting to look up to you @Gaius Marius
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