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MT Announcement - Adjustment of New Moderator Removal Rules - Moderator Probation Period

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Posted 25 February 2019 - 08:03 PM




A Moderator Probation Period is hereby being inserted at Article 1.4.1 as described below, thus adjusting the previously announced New Moderator Removal Rules here:  http://forum.strateg...es/#entry466853  This post supercedes the older one.


Article 1.4.1 "Moderator Probation Rules" is being inserted at this point. Small changes in the numbering of the previously announced articles are also being made.  The existing Article 1.4.1 Removal of Moderator by Moderator Team will become Article 1.4.2, and Article 1.4.2 Removal of Moderator by Community will become Article 1.4.3.  Nothing else is changed with them.

These new rules take place immediately even though a new GS&FR is not yet out.


The blue text below will be the final GS&FR language of the new rule.  If you have a desire to view the exact changes to the 2016 GS&FR text, you will find those shown in the spoiler below, with black reflecting original 2016 GS&FR text and all changes in red.


1.4.1 Moderator Probation Period: Every new moderator will be placed under an immediate and automatic one-month probation. This probation will expire at 11:59 GMT on the date of the one month anniversary of his selection. Anytime during the first month on the job a new moderator can be voted out with a simple majority of the other moderators, excluding mods still on probation themselves, and for any reason. This special rule supersedes, for the first month of a new moderator's term only, Article 1.42 below, which requires a 2/3's majority vote. The new rule shall apply like this:


If there are a minimum of THREE existing moderators (excluding any on moderators still on probation), then any TWO existing mods can vote out the new mod, for any reason, within one month.

If there are FOUR or FIVE existing moderators (excluding any moderators still on probation), then THREE votes will be able to vote out the new guy anytime in the first month.



1.4.2  Removal of Moderator by Moderator Team:  During a new moderator's first month Article 1.4.1 above will apply for moderator removal by the MT.  After his first month this article shall apply. 


For reasons of poor conduct, dereliction of duty, or internal or external conflict a moderator may be removed from his position by either a decision of the Youdagames official representative, Mick Moolhuijsen, or a vote of two-thirds of the current Moderator Team. A moderator may also be removed if the current Moderator Team has at least 5 members, and two polls among the moderators are taken three months apart, with one vote less than two-thirds of the current MT voting each time to remove the moderator in question. Said moderator cannot vote on the issue of his removal under this article, though he still counts as a member to determine the size of the Moderator Team at the time of voting.

Any moderator may open a vote under this article if he so believes it is necessary, but he must notify the moderator in question of the action before the vote is taken.

1.4.3 Removal of Moderator by Community: This article allows for the qualifying members of the community to directly remove a moderator. To be a qualifying member (one who may vote in the matter), at the date the official moderator removal poll is posted publicly a forum member must meet the following stipulations:

  • have a minimum of 3 month's forum membership to help prevent alias voting.
  • have a minimum of 5 forum posts in past 3 months to help insure involved voting.
  • not be a forum alias.

Rules and Procedures:

  • If 5 qualifying members sign into a petition topic in the forum requesting the removal of a certain moderator for good and recent cause, the MT will, within 3 days, open an official moderator removal poll in which the community can place their votes directly on the matter. The poll results will be viewable by the public.
  • Said poll will be for a simple up and down vote on removal,
  • The poll will be open for two weeks only. It will close at 17:00 GMT on the 14th day from the date the poll is opened.
  • Votes will only count if they are officially cast in the poll. Opinions expressed in the body of the poll topic will not count officially.
  • No moderator may vote in the public poll to remove another moderator.
  • None of the 5 original petitioners will be allowed to participate in a similar petition against any moderator for a period of one month after the previous petition fails.
  • Only one petition to remove a moderator may be active at any time.
  • Any moderator who survives removal action under this article shall be immune from any similar petition for 3 months after its failure.
  • Any moderator who is removed by the removal action under this article shall not be qualified to serve as a moderator again for 12 months. For any former moderator in this situation, a public poll shall be held to decide his approval as a moderator again at that time. 50% + 1 will decide the matter.
  • A moderator shall be removed if there is a minimum of 20votes to dismiss and a 2/3's majority of poll voters.
  • If any poll held under this Article fails to remove the moderator, but has at least 20 votes to dismiss, the MT shall, if it has at least 5 active members, hold and publicly post the results of, within one week of the close of the public poll, an internal moderator removal vote (see Article 1.41 for details)

The 20 vote minimum number shall be reviewed by the MT from time to time.  If it has not been reviewed during any calendar year, such a review may be demanded the community.  The review will be based upon the total number of unique, signed-up participants in TC tournaments over the course of the preceding year.






The complete GS&F Rules can be found here: http://forum.strateg...rum-rules-2016/

Draw Refusal Rules, specifically, can be read here: http://forum.strateg...931#entry468931

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