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Setup of the Week

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Napoleon 2ème


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Posted A week ago

As Don_Homer has had a few problems of time, I'm posting already my second setup.


This time, I decided to share a setup which has brought me to platinum marshal




First of all, I need to specify that this setup is / was one of my favourite as I have let full space to my creativity but also a part of mystery.


This setup is made to surprise your opponent in many aspects, the flag location (not really covered), marshall and general close to eachother in third row, a major in front full left, ect…


The objective is double :


1) Attack on your left side, hoping to take a captain with the major

2)  let your opponent Believe the flag stands in the corner right, amd in this case, he will find some high pieces (marsh, gen, col ) but he will also fall on unexpected bombs.


What is bluffy on this setup is the bomb location, I have often won because of people lottoing on the bomb on G4 , often because they think that the 2 bombs on the extreme right with the miner and the sergeant let people Believe there is flag with 3 bombs and that that one should be a miner.


Another are the 2 bombs close to eachother in the center, if your opponent find one, his first reacton will be to say it is a bomb with miner or sergeant behind because he is not expecting a central flag, and often he will go on the bomb next to that one, thinking there aren't 2 bombs there.



How to use Marshall and General? 


The key for them is really tricky, but if you can do it, you have a big advantage on your opponent, especially if he has a good memory . Once you know the Marshall, or you suspect it, it is important to move your gen, and let him be discovered, very directly so that your opponent can remember esily where he was coming from. At that point, if he notices it, he will think the spy is around there and that the marshall wasn't close to it. So the key of this setup is really to bring your opponent what you want him to think. Once this general has been discovered, you can play with him as you wish, exchange it, it doesn't matter and dépends on the game. But after a few time, when a col, or a major… or even the gen comes around there, taking a lot of risks as he doesn't expect a marshall there, well, you can come out with the marshall and take a good material advantage. If you like, you can bluff a bit with this marsh and let your opponent Believe it is the spy.


Concerning the attack, it consists in a sergeant major attack, followed by scouts, if the major is exchanged, you can go witth the captain which is behind as it is not expected to have major followed by captain. If you have the Opportunity to take a captain but then probably lose the major, you should usually do it to discover a high piece. It is sometimes better to let this major be between 2 pieces of the front row, Don't move, let him be discovered and jump on the other one. If you aren't in a hurry, you can Simply stand in front of the one you think is a captain and not take it to block a way, and then attack from middle or right side.



Here are some videos :


 https://youtu.be/u8AqrpXcAEU (against dutchkillers)

https://youtu.be/MhgKFSLwoN8(against percoperez) This one ended in a lucky win, but shows what can be a weak point from this setup



If you have any question, feel free to ask me trough YouTube or directly here .


Thank you !

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I  never lose, I win or I learn…

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Posted 2 days ago



This is an old setup of me. Its from the time many guys were playing with a setup where one side consisted of many (3 on average) bombs. The flag was often at the other side of the board, as were the attacks of those players. In that time I thought about a setup that had the bombs but also the flag at the same side as a surprise-strategy. When a players discover it is a weak side with bombs they often let it alone and even in the endgame they would not expect the flag at this weak side. This can give you major advantage and win you the game.

The funny thing is that I was confirmed this was a good strategy by seeing a 1700+ rated player use it against another top rated player during a live tournament, not long after I invented the setup. A couple of years ago another topplayer used the bomb structure against me, he was winning the game but eventually I lotoed the flag because I recogniced setup and strategy.

The last example is exactly the weakness of the setup, if your opponent knows what youre doing, you are dead meat. This is also the reason that I am not a great advocate of sharing great setups and strategies, cause you will lose the surprising effect that setups can have. Anyway not everyone will read this so I hope a lot of guys can try this or learn from it. I would especially recommend using it to a player who is or might be better than you. Additionally I hope it encourage you to make your own setup with this strategy or give you new ideas about other strategies or setups! 

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