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MT Announcement - Update on Unacceptable Usernames Rule

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Posted 29 January 2019 - 06:26 AM


In an effort to clarify how the MT will enforce this issue we have updated the language in Article 6.4 Unacceptable Usernames to the following blue (will be black in official GS&FR) text.

If anyone is interested in seeing the exact changes we have made to the old wording, please see the spoiler at the bottom of this post. There you will see the exact changes (in red) that we've made to the existing Article 6.4 on Unacceptable Usernames (in black).

6.4 Unacceptable Usernames:
(Please see Limitation Notes at bottom of this article.)

Following the normal convictions voting procedure of Article 1.71, any username that is deemed unacceptable for our site may be given "Renamed(yy-mm-dd)" status by the MT. If this happens, the account owner will will be sent an email from admins to notify him of this action. For one month he will be allowed to suggest a new and acceptable permanent name. If this player/forum member chooses a new and approved name before one month passes, he will have his choice in the matter. If he does not, the MT will choose one for him. At no time will he lose playing or forum privileges. Please note that what is unacceptable will be at the discretion of the Moderator Team and admins.

We may find a username unacceptable if it:

1) contains swear words or is written in a way to avoid the site filters
2) contains vulgar images or otherwise degrades our site
3) mocks or makes fun of another person on the site
4) is similar to another player's, moderator's, or admin's name so that it causes confusion
5) promotes a competitor's site
6) is found offensive for other reasons

Each case will be judged separately.

Limitation Notes on this article: As the number of potentially offensive usernames is dauntingly huge, the MT will primarily limit its enforcement of this Article to only those accounts being reported from active (past month) sightings online on the site.

We will not be seeking out usernames to ban for the sake of simply cleaning up account lists, nor acting on reports of usernames not encountered on the site within the previous month.

Although the MT would ideally like to enforce a decency policy on every offensive name that could be found, in all practicality we cannot do that so we have adopted the above limitation for this Article.


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