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MT Announcement - Addition of Flagging Rules and Other Changes

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Posted 24 January 2019 - 06:09 PM

Addition of 5.1.5 Flagging Rules and Other Changes:
Everyone, in order to include rules on flagging and other related changes in the new GS&FR (coming out later this year), the following text will be be added. Two versions of the changed text for parts of Article 5 of the GS&FR are found below.

The first version contains the final new rules text in blue (will be made black in final GS&FR) and the second shows all the exact changes that were made to the original text for anyone interested in seeing those. This part has been placed in a spoiler (thanks to Nortrom :) ) at the bottom of the page so as to somewhat shorten this long post. There you can see the original text in black with the red changes interspersed.


5.1.2 What is Offensive: What is deemed to be abusive or offensive in the forum will be at the discretion of the Moderator Team and admins. In addition to hiding posts that violate the above rules, the MT may issue warning points or even flag a forum writer, as well. (see Articles 5.1.3, 5.1.4, and 5.1.5 below)

5.1.3 Hiding/Editing Posts: Any moderator who deems that a post breaks any of the forum rules listed at 5.1.1 above may choose to immediately hide or edit (but not delete) the post in question. If afterward the Moderator Team, following the normal convictions/voting procedures of Article 1.71, decides the post should not have been hidden or edited, the post will be restored by the moderator who hid or edited the post. If that moderator fails to restore the post within three days, any mod may do so.

5.1.4 Warning Points: A warning point is a penalty notation visible to moderators for every forum member and is only given out for written offenses in the forum, not for anything said on the game side. Five warning points will equal a permanent ban from the forum only. Should a writer violate any of the forum rules at 5.1.1, then an individual moderator may, if he or she feels it appropriate, levy up to three warning points against that forum writer. If the Moderator Team, following the normal convictions/voting procedures of Article 1.71 reviews the event and decides to overturn it, the Moderator Team will immediately request a reversal of the warning point with admins through an official Action Request.

To repeat, all warning points shall strictly stem only from forum writing and not from anything said on the game side.

5.1.5 Flagging: Flagging is an effective block that prevents all posting by a forum member in the forum. It is therefore a harsher step than a warning point. Like warning points, once flagging is applied it cannot be removed by the moderators, but must be removed by admin action.

We may apply flagging to

  • unbanned forum accounts upon demonstrated bad forum actions.
  • permanently banned forum accounts at any time after the Conviction Date (See Article 6.2), should that forum member post on the forum side, or pm, prior to the PB being enacted by admins. Such flagging will be permanent.
  • new accounts opened purely for selling or making a robotic attack on the site.
For flagging of the first type above the entire Moderator Team will vote on the action before flagging an account. Four votes are required. For the second and third types of flagging, individual moderators may flag on their own discretion. Any decision to reverse a flagging will follow the normal convictions/voting procedures established at Article 1.71, and will be carried out by an immediate Decision List Action Request being made.

Per the regulations in Article 1.10 flagging will be applicable to all forum aliases, as currently known by the MT, as well as for those discovered later.

5.1.6 Right to Privacy Statement:


If anyone wishes to see the exact changes made from the old text to the new, you can click on the spoiler below.

Posted Image
The complete GS&F Rules can be found here: http://forum.strateg...rum-rules-2016/
Draw Refusal Rules, specifically, can be read here: http://forum.strateg...931#entry468931

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