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MT Announcement - Behavior policy reminder

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Posted 19 January 2019 - 12:56 PM

Behavior policy reminder:

It seems some players have trouble understanding what is and what is not appropriate behavior in an online game of Stratego. Some video games are toxic by nature (mainly teamgames). Stratego.com however is considered a "family site" and we expect people to display proper behavior.
A baseline should be a certain level of respect for the opponent. If you have nothing positive to say, don't say anything. If you feel frustrated because of how a game went and feel the need to use the chat function, you are more than welcome to share self reflection with your opponent, granted the language is acceptable for a "family site". If you feel the need to berate your opponent for how (s)he played the game, don't. Simple as that.
Yes, there will be a grey area for unsolicited messages such as "You just got lucky". Ask yourself the following: Does it add anything positive, rather than trying to get some frustration on your side off your chest? no? then keep it to yourself or open a chat with a friend saying how ridiculous lucky someone was.
If your opponent makes a bad move or a move that doesn't work out, (s)he is aware of it. There is no need to point this out. Compare "That was a dumb move" or "retard" compared to "Nicely played, a pity about the move that cost you a major" at the end of a game. Some players will even take offense to the 3rd option, so typically it'd be best to just say nothing.
A player is entitled to a peaceful game. A game without an opponent trying to ruin the experience. Ruining the experience includes but is not limited to:
-  (Mild) Trash talk
- Insults
- Stalling
- Chasing
- Refusing a valid draw
- Disconnecting
- Other creative methods of wasting time
- Sending unsolicited negative messages
- Encouraging an opponent to surrender
- Provoking an opponent
Things that can be perceived annoying, but are reasonable, include but are not limited to:
- Taking the maximum time to prepare a setup
- Playing until the last piece when in a clearly lost position
- Not taking initiative in a game
The MT will hand out punishments (in many forms) for players violating behavioral guidelines. If you feel provoked or that your opponent is guilty of breaking one or more of the behavioral guidelines, gather evidence and report it. Using foul language against such player is not advised. 
We want to keep this a fun and clean environment to play Stratego at. Receiving 10 mild insults a day are still triggering. The MT will hand out lower degree abusive behavior penalties for this, and also use the stepping rule. If you, for the second time, make a mild insult, after being convicted for 1st degree abusive behavior prior, you will receive a 2nd degree.. 3rd.. and so on. If you behave properly, this will never be an issue.
The MT likes to see report threads being used for that: reports. Posts that are not a report have a very high chance of being hidden.
Last but not least, we request players to have at least a bit of a thick skin. Yes, it is a "family site", but by reporting real small things you also ruin your own reputation.
The MT
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