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4th Online World Championships - Questions

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#41 Nortrom



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Posted A week ago

Pls be informed that I would like to participate, if it’s possible , at this tournament.
Ps. Back again after long time.
Thank you.

If you fill in the alias register, we'll enter you onto the second round.



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Posted 6 days ago

Per section 3.3 the rules state that Buch will be the first tie breaker and then mBuch the second. Why wouldn't a head to head game be the first tie breaker?

In section 4.3 it is NOT stated that GMT times are required. In section 4.4 it is NOT stated that MAT times are required. One is a "should"; the other a "recommended".

Formerly game arrangements were 100% clear in that everything had to be stated in GMT times. The combining of the GMT with the MAT approach is a concoction steaming with the fumes of error. How am I supposed to state times accurately for my opponent's local time? It's difficult enough to deal with my own GMT, let alone my opponent's GMT...and now MAT. And then the same MAT requirement also applies to my opponent and now he is giving, or trying to give, times he believes are my local time. What a potential mess! I think moving away from the clear GMT requirement just muddies the waters for arranging games.

A comment: Section 5.2 mentions a one-time disconnect forgiveness. This is an example of a rule that works for tournaments but can't for the general site and normal games. Players would be able to duck opponents they didn't want to play if this were allowed in general games.

6.2 Cheating includes taking notes? This differs from the normal game. There's no GS&F rule against it. Besides anything else that may be said, I'm just curious how it could be proven that someone was taking notes in an online game?

For the recent rather heated discussion with Wogomite on 6.4/6.6 Iwould suggest a simple addition in section 1 somewhere to solidify the position of the WCO committee.

In section 7.1 you have a requirement to appear in the challenge zone. This is 100% NOT possible for new app players. Being online can be shown. Being a friend can be shown. Not appearing for a game can be shown. But none of these important things require a challenge zone appearance. I would suggest this rule be modified.

Thank you for reading.
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The complete GS&F Rules can be found here: http://forum.strateg...rum-rules-2016/

Draw Refusal Rules, specifically, can be read here: http://forum.strateg...604#entry339604

#43 Nortrom



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Posted 5 days ago

Thanks. We'll look into it.

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#44 astros


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Posted 4 days ago

1. This is a possible oversight on our part, we will discuss this further internally and decide how to proceed.

2. GMT is not required because for two players in the same timezone it might be easier to arrange a game in terms of local time. MATs are not required per say but their importance is outlined in rule 4.5. While a player does not have to provide MATs there are consequences for failing to do so.

The GMT timezone for every player is listed in the registration thread.

3. The WCO is a tournament and not a general game. Players cannot (easily) avoid opponents. The amnesty is a courtesy, if the WCO team suspects malicious intent then it can be revoked.

4. In practice, players can do a number of things that would be regarded as unfair. While the WCO team is unlikely to be able to catches these things, we believe that most players are honest and will follow the behaviors that we outline as unfair.

Does that mean some will still get away with cheating? Yes, but we hope that most will adhere to the fair play rules. Also note that if we do catch anyone cheating, they will be harshly punished.

5. This is semantics, the WCO's prerogative to adjust the rules is clearly outlined already in 6.6

6. All players should use the desktop version of the game because it is much easier to document problems that arise when one is on a computer. The fact that some players are permitted to play on the mobile app in contradiction to the rules is a courtesy and not an endorsement of that method.
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