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2018 Junior Tournament- Rules

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Posted 31 July 2018 - 01:48 PM

RULES 2018 Junior Tournament


1)      Registration and Tournament Schedule

·         Any non-banned player, no matter their ELO, may register to play in the 2018 Junior Tournament by 23:59 GMT Sunday August 12thby stating their participation and GMT Timezone in the Registration Thread: http://forum.strateg...t-registration/

·         Registering for this tournament means that this participant has understood the rules and has accepted them. Note: a registration is only considered valid if a player states their GMT Timezone!

·         Multiple registrations by one player from multiple accounts are strictly forbidden. Additionally, any player’s account must not be accessed by anyone other than that player. 

·         The Single-Elimination tournament (see Rule 2) will start on August 13th 2018. The length of time for this tournament depends on the number of participants.

·         If a player has a question or a remark about the general functioning of the rules, this can be said in the Questions Thread: ______ We also welcome constructive feedback which can be provided via PM to one of the Tournament Managers (see below)

·         The Junior Tournament Management will consist of Fairway and Yellowhat.

·         When signing up, a player must be aged 19 or younger


2)      Tournament Type

·         The tournament type will be a Single-Elimination tournament determined by seeding based off ELO.

·         Once a player has lost a match, they are eliminated from the tournament. 


3)      Tournament Game Arrangement

·         Arrangements for Tournament games will be conducted via the Private Message facility on Stratego.com. Both players will be contacted by JTT so that game arrangements can begin. JTT will send each player a new PM for each round.

·         Each player must provide 3 valid availabilities for that round, in the form of a 2-hour lasting period of starting times

·         For example, proposing Tuesday 20.00-22.00GMT would mean a player is available to start a game at 20.00GMT, and his latest availability to start a game is 22.00GMT.

·         The times must be communicated in GMT and use the 24-hour clock (No AM or PM proposals).

·         For help finding your time difference from GMT, visit http://www.greenwichmeantime.com/·      

·         If a player has not provided three valid availabilities by Thursday 23:59 GMT each week, they will receive a Yellow Card (see Rule 8). Three Yellow Cards results in disqualification from the tournament.

·         A game is considered arranged if one player picks a time already offered by his/her opponent and states this in the PM thread. JTT will confirm when a game is arranged within the PM thread. Furthermore, a game is also considered arranged if both players meet online and decide to play there and then without prior knowledge of JTT in the PM thread. In this scenario, both players must post in the corresponding PM thread that they are about to play.

·         All games must be played on the Stratego.com site as unranked games. Players must enter the Challenge Zone so that their presence can be proved if necessary (especially important if an opponent does not show up). We urge all players to make a friend request of opponents using the game site (preferable as soon as the opponent is known) so that they can challenge in unranked battle. 

4)      Automatic arrangements

·         If both players have posted 3 valid times (See Rule 3) by Thursday 23:59 GMT, but there is no matching time, then the game will be automatically arranged for Sunday 18:00 GMT.

·         In the event that one player has not posted his/her timeslots, that player will receive a Yellow Card (See Rule 8), and JTT will automatically arrange the match for Sunday 18.00 GMT.

·         IMPORTANT NOTE: Players may still agree to play their game at a different time, as long as this agreement is reached before the automatic arrangement time.

5)      What happens if a player does not show up at the arranged time?

·         If a player’s opponent has not appeared in the Challenge Zone chat room within 15 minutes of the arranged time, then the player MUST post the absence in the PM match topic, attaching a screenshot of the Challenge Zone with a timestamp as proof for JTT review.

·         Any player who does not show up for an arranged match within 15 minutes, for any reason, will be automatically given a Yellow Card. Three Yellow Cards results in disqualification from the tournament (see Rule 8).

·         In the scenario that a player has not shown up at the arranged time, AND the arranged time of the match was BEFORE Friday 23.59GMT, then the game will automatically be re-scheduled in accordance with Rule 4.

·         In the scenario that a player has not shown up at the arranged time, AND the arranged time of the match was AFTER Friday 23.59GMT, then his/her opponent is automatically awarded the victory unless the opponent still wishes to play.

·         Note that if a player has already received a Two Yellow Cards and is late or does not show up for their match, this player is automatically disqualified from the tournament, and his/her opponent is awarded the victory. (Exception: If being late would result in a player being disqualified, this player is granted a reprieve only if their opponent is willing to re-schedule the match AND the match is completed BEFORE Sunday 23.59 GMT)


6)      Reporting results

·         After the match has finished, the game result must be reported immediately in the Reporting Results thread (------) with a screenshot of the victory screen. JTT would appreciate the defeated party confirming the result in the results thread, and if BOTH participants confirm the result in the Results thread immediately following the end of the match, then a screenshot is not essential. However, we would still ask all players to take a screenshot of the victory screen in the event that their opponent does not confirm the result. For information on how to take screenshots please visit the following link: (http://forum.stratego.com/topic/649-easy-guide-how-to-take-and-upload-screenshots/page-2?hl=screenshot#entry34786)

·         In the event of a draw/tie, players must re-match IMMEDIATELY if possible. If this is not possible, and both decide to replay the game on a later occasion, they must agree the time of the re-match at the conclusion of the first game and post this agreement in the Results Thread when the draw is reported. If the time if the re-match is not communicated the re-match will be automatically arranged for Sunday 18.00 GMT (see Rule 4)


7)      Cancellations

·         A game already arranged may be cancelled by a player without receiving a yellow card, but only on the following conditions:
A Minimum of 12 HOURS notice must be provided for a cancellation to take effect.
Any player who cancels a game already arranged must provide three replacement valid times (see Rule 3) in the relevant PM thread at the time of cancellation.

·         If either or both of conditions A or B above are not fulfilled then the match will still be considered cancelled, but this player will receive a Yellow Card. Three Yellow Cards results in disqualification from the tournament (see Rule 8). In the absence of three valid replacement times the game will be automatically arranged for Sunday 18.00GMT (see Rule 4)


8)      Yellow Cards and Disqualifications

·         Any player who has three Yellow Cards will be automatically disqualified from the tournament

·         A Yellow Card will be shown to a player in all of the following instances:

·         Where a player has not provided three valid times by Thursday 23:59 GMT (see Rule 3)

·         Where a player does not show up for an arranged match within 15 minutes. (see Rule 5)

·         Where a player cancels an arranged match without providing a minimum of 12 hours notice. (see Rule 7)

·         Where a player cancels an arranged match without providing three valid replacement times. (see Rule 7)

·         This disqualification takes effect at the time of the infringement. This means that this player’s scheduled opponent for that round is automatically awarded the victory.


9)      Withdrawals

·         A player may withdraw from the tournament, at any time, by informing JTT.


The Junior Tournament Team wishes everybody a pleasant tournament, and have fun!



JTT (Fairway and Yellowhat)

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