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2018 World Team Tournament - Group stage draw & Letter designations

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#1 Major Nelson

Major Nelson


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Posted 15 June 2018 - 12:28 AM

With 7 teams there will be a group of 4 and a group of 3.
The two top teams of each group qualifiy to the Semi-finals.


These are the teams with their players' Kleier ratings and the mean team ratings (those who don't have a rating are listed with 600 rating):


North American Stratego Federation


constrictor (1570)

MTinsley (600)

texaspete09 (1502)

Wogomite (capt) (1484)


Fks (alt) (1347)


Mean rating: 1301



Greece A


gkaros (1712)


Major Nelson (1501)

OVERLORD (capt) (1832)


Aris1970 (alt) (1547)


Mean rating: 1625


Greece B


gpet0 (capt) (1574)

Great Manos (1411)

Henry domerkant (1212)

IOLAUS1926 (1323)


pasxalistz(alt) (1363)


Mean rating: 1377




AWFly (1397)

fighter68 (1112)

Grizzlybear (capt) (1592)

panther65 (1324)


Späher (alt) (1262)


Mean rating: 1337


Rest of the World


Balorion (600)

Loco Luc (600)

Losermaker (capt)  (1716)

Napoleon 1er (1585)


josephwhite (alt) (1427)


Mean rating: 1186


United Kingdom


astros (1523)

TheOptician (1424)

ukboy007 (600)

Unladen Swallow (1556)


tobermoryx (alt) (600)


Mean rating: 1141




Don_Homer (1422)

Master Mind (1553)

maxroelofs (1576)

Moghedien (1367)


Luckypapa (alt) (1316)


Mean rating: 1447


So, we have the following team "quality" evaluation:


1. Greece A

2. Netherlands

3. Greece B

4. Germany

5. North American Stratego Federation

6. Rest of the World

7. United Kingdom


and we have the following two groups:


Group A


Greece A

Greece B

Rest of the World

United Kingdom


Group B




North American Stratego Federation


However, Greece A and B are from the same country and can't be in the same group, so the OC has decided to swap Greece B and Germany and we have:


Group A


Greece A


Rest of the World

United Kingdom


Group B



Greece B

North American Stratego Federation


These are the two groups of the WTT.

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#2 The Prof

The Prof


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Posted 15 June 2018 - 10:00 PM

Here are the line-ups provided to me by each team captain:

UK Team

A. astros

B. TheOptician
C. ukboy007

D. Unladen Swallow (Captain)

Dutch Team

A. Moghedien

B. maxroelofs

C. Don_Homer

D. Master Mind (Captain)

Alternate: Luckypapa

German Team

A. Grizzlybear (Captain)
B. panther65
C. AWFly

D. fighter68

Rest of World Team

A. LocoLuc

B. Losermaker (Captain)

C. Balorion

D. Napoleon1er

Alternate: Josephwhite


A. Texaspete09

B. Constrictor

C. Wogomite (Captain)

D. MTinsley

Alternate: Fks

Greek Team A:

A: OVERLORD (Captain)
B: Major Nelson
C: gkaros


Greek Team B

A: Gpet0 (Captain)

B: Great manos

C: Henry domerkant


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