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Bugs with IPad version

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Posted 11 June 2018 - 12:31 PM

Hallo guys,

I recently changed to the ipad playing version. So far I have lost more than 100 Elo points through stupid bugs in the system. And looks like they are not restored.

Can you kindly create a bug less ipad version?

So here is the list.

1. user token not found. I assume that the software assigns players a specific token / ID? For whatever reason I have so far lost 3-5 games cause the system lost my token connection during setup time.
2. Sometimes I look for players, but for a while I ´m not assigned anyone. As I have certain things to do I stop the search for a new game partner. This just happened now. I started the search with 866 ELO, when I stopped I looked in my profile and still had the 866 ELO no active search was running. When I came back after lunch I looked again, and miracle 21 points disappeared, it showed only 845 on the screen....
3. There are some unfair players arround which do not agree to ties. On your list you require very stringent conditions to prove the tie refusal. One for example is the time stamp. O wonder, the IPad doesn ´t show a time stamp???? So how can I prove????? So the request for tie refusal is rejected.

All of that did cost me more than 100 ELO points.

Hope you can start some actions about this.

And this doesn ´t only happen to me but to many players....

John (Jesus_saves nick)

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