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Astros Stratego Series Rules

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Posted 05 May 2018 - 05:20 PM

The World Team Tournament is utilizing the format that I initially proposed. Therefore, I am hosting a different style event.

0. Overview

The Astros Survivor Series (AЅЅ) is the greatest Stratego event. Players are split into tribes (teams) and compete for immunity each week. The team that loses must vote one of their team members out of the game. Mid-way through the game the teams merge and players compete for individual immunity. The players that do not win immunity can be voted out. One player is voted out each round until two players are left. The final 7 players voted out each vote for who they want to win. The AЅЅ is hosted by astros (malcom.jansen).

1. Registration

1.1 The format of the AЅЅ necessitates that a only 16 players may participate.

1.2 To register, each player must complete the Alias Register found here: Players currently serving bans for violating the Alias Register may not sign up. If a player misrepresents themselves on the Alias Register during the course of the AЅЅ, then the committee will recommend a ban of a minimum of one year to the other tournament committees.

1.3 Players will be selected based on how likely they are to complete the tournament and to whether they will be interesting contestants.

1.4 The tournament will begin on TBD.

2. Format

2.1 Each round during the Tribe Stage the teams will compete for immunity. The structure of the immunity challenge will vary but it will always be Stratego-related.

2.2 The team that does not win immunity will vote off one member as outlined in Section 4.

2.3 The Team Stage will last for an unspecified number of rounds at which point the teams will merge.

2.4 Each round after the merge, participants will compete for individual immunity. One player without immunity is then voted out as specified in Section 4.

2.5 When there are two players left in the game, they will present their case as to why they deserve to win the AЅЅ. The third through ninth place finishers vote for which player they want to win the game.

3. Challenges

3.1 Each round, teams/players will compete for immunity.

3.2 Immunity challenges will include but are not limited to 40-piece game variants, QA games, and Stratego puzzles. Certain challenge may handicap stronger players to create a level playing field.

3.3 Immunity wins are non-transferable.

3.4 Immunity resets after every round. However, a player may win immunity in multiple consecutive rounds.

4. Voting

4.1 During the Tribe Stage, only the team that did not win immunity will go to Tribal Council. After the merge, every player goes to Tribal Council.

4.2 All players attending Tribal Council must cast a vote for another player at Tribal Council.

4.3 Players may not vote for themselves, a player with immunity or a player not at Tribal Council.

4.4 The player with the most votes, not necessarily a majority, is eliminated from the game.

4.5 In the event of a tie, there will be a revote. During the revote, the players who received the most votes cannot vote and the other players must vote for one of them.

4.6 If the votes are still tied after the revote, then one player at that Tribal Council who does not have immunity will be randomly eliminated.

4.7 At the Final Tribal Council, the players eliminated in the previous seven Tribal Councils will comprise the jury. They will vote for the player that they want to win the game.

5. Arrangement

5.1 Players will be assigned a game(s) each week. Players should use the match arrangement threads in the XXX forum section to schedule their matches.

5.2 Before 0 GMT on Thursday, players must provide a minimum of 6 one-hour game slots in Greenwich Mean Time of when they are able to start a game.

5.3 A match is considered arranged when one player accepts a proposed start time at least 12 hours in advance. A player may accept a start time less than 12 hours in advance, however, this requires that the player proposing the time confirms the arrangement.

5.4 In the event that no arrangement is made by 0 GMT on Friday, then the game is automatically arranged for 19 GMT on Sunday. Both players may still arrange and play the game before the automatic arrangement.

5.5 If a player residing in a European time zone (GMT +0 through GMT +3) is matched with a player in an American time zone (GMT -4 through GMT-8), then the European time zone player must provide two hours of weekend availability at a mutually acceptable time. A mutually acceptable time is defined as between 11:00 and 22:00 local time for the American time zone player. Furthermore, 17 to 20 GMT on Sunday is not considered a mutually acceptable time zone.

6. Cancellations

6.1 A player may cancel any game with a start time before 0 GMT Sunday, for any reason provided that they give 24 hours notice.

6.2 If a player needs to cancel a game with less than 24 hours notice or after 0 GMT Sunday, then they must receive approval from the committee. The committee will review cancellations on a case by case basis and may decide on a concession by the cancelling player, an extension or a reschedule.

6.3 If a player is unable to play at the default time, then notice should be given as soon as possible. Extensions or scheduling assistance will be given at the discretion of the committee.


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Posted 14 May 2018 - 04:56 PM

Rule 4.8: Only players who can vote at tribal council may post in the tribal council thread,

Edited by astros, 14 May 2018 - 05:05 PM.


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Posted 14 May 2018 - 09:01 PM

Addendum to 4.3: A player that does not cast a valid vote by the deadline will self-vote.

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