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The Past of the MT

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Posted 13 May 2018 - 07:42 AM

Don, I find accountability very important, even in this volunteer job, so that's why I answer any genuine question in length. And I do hope to show good English with that. It was one of my prime reasons to even take the job in the first place so I wouldn't have learned a thing if not. 
I see you have a lot of wrong assumptions in your post and I'm sure that's coming from all the bad innuendo of the PB-clique then, but I have them on ignore and don't intend to change that so I can't really put my finger on it. In any case everything I say is on record so it's fact and as I said earlier I can proove that to you.
One of these bad innuendi is that you say above I stripped WCO?! Again, "Lonello vs" is total nonsense. Everything we did, we did as a Team. Issuing a WP is a prerogative power we as a Team then review, so neither that can be considered punishment UNTIL MT lets the WP stay. Plus, I want to add here that nobody even sees the WP. You for one would have never been the wiser if WCO hadn't walked away with it and made a big deal out of it. It's only to be seen by Admin so they monitor what we do (and possibly other Staff), and that's all. I actually made a point about it back then, asking WCO how they would like to see protocol here. Announce it to the public (which means shame over this member) or not. We regularly did not even announce giving these WP's so there is absolutely no harm to it.
What Gary did banning me and taking the risk to break my account (to date) and what I did issuing a WP is comparing the death penalty with a parking ticket. And that parking ticket didn't even have to be paid after the review.
Then you show two quotes here and say to understand a totally different thing from it. Be specific, what is the opposite of things you claim? I say NOWHERE, and I never have, that WCO was punished. Never ever. As they weren't. How would you even come to an idea like that? 
As explained before, this is the one single body of this site that is only active for a few months a year which is why we had the arrangement they would be demoted after the tournament was over and then be reinstated after 9 months or so to start the next. Nortrom acknowledged this even publicly, then Gary internally said to make the Request to Admin... as I said in my previous post, check what Napoleon wrote about this. This is the order of things, several key figures here, so how can you say something like me stripping a whole Team? And there's also absolutely no punishment anywhere in sight.
The problem that arose however was that KARAISKAKIS would normally be Greek Moderator in the period between, but now was nothing, which had the complication that he alone could no longer receive PM's (the way I can not now) while the others reported no problems. This is an effect we did not expect, not a punishment. And yes, they ALWAYS kept their entire PM-inboxes (unlike me now). Then even got a Status erected for them just to make sure they would find zero negative effects whatsoever!
So this started out of WCO itself with that acknowledgment, then when the inbox problem arose they even brought ideas solving this! Where did you think the new memberscategory comes from, and why? It was solely erected for WCO team, so that they could uphold their PM-storages the entire year. Sure, it is a fine byproduct for permanent old Staff too now. But the whole thing was set up for WCO and with their input... ofcourse just for innuendo they wanted to let the community believe something completely different and they turned the whole story upside down, apparantly as if it was some kind of punishment. All innuendo. We never touched them, never laid a finger on them. 
And that was their whole reason to break forumrules on about a daily basis: they WANTED MT to act. And yes, they did expose that we did nothing. For me as a reason I thought the community would see their constant warmongering and bad behavior and everything would self-correct, but if you spam a 1000 posts and hardly ever a counterpost is produced, then the bad innuendo gets believed, while many members also simply left the forum for all this warmongering. This is dirty campaigning and sadly practice nowadays is the dirtiest wins.
So the two quotes above have no inconsistencies, they are 100% correct, and are also how I've always posted, so there's no light in between. I'm always happy to show accountability but I don't intend to have a regular presence anymore here since my job is over. As is the case, my account is destroyed here too but you can always email me at lololonny@gmail.com however for any questions. I've on multiple times recommended you for MT-member (would be perfect if MT gives you a call about it in this day and age too by the way), so I value your insights.


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