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Demotion of Lonello

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Posted 19 April 2018 - 09:16 AM



After a long period of time (approx 11 weeks) the MT has, as it seems, finally decided to act against lonello, invoking rule 1.4, the current removal procedure of a moderator.
While it is great news that this episode is finally over, as it seems, it is important to not forget that the MT is there to serve the community, in exchange for this, they are given some permissions and powers regular members do not have. 
After all this, I do like to point out that now it is time for the MT to restore the trust of the community. Besides lonello, there are some other ongoing grievances the community would like to see addressed. There are lots of examples throughout the forum of this. I hope MT will be capable of restoring said trust.
Yet I do feel like we, as community, should give MT a fair chance to restore this trust. Of course some members of the community will feel unhappy about the fact this entire episode had to take so long, this is definitely the MT should address, and perhaps, even apologize for. 
Looking back, of course it is beyond unacceptable that MT has tried to bend reality in such manners just not to have to convict their colleague, lonello. However, it seems that after all, some justice is served.
Of course restoring trust won't be easy, I wish the remainder of the MT best of luck in this. I hope MT will be able to address community concerns in a timely manner.
Now the main culprit is gone, I would like to express my sincere regret that this forum drama has been distracting from the true battles ahead. Special mention would have to go to Napoleon 1er, who stood up for the team and found himself devastated by the feedback received. I honestly wish things were different.
Even though it was very apparent and obvious that lonello no longer had community support (well, some..) he, against the wishes of the community, still decided to ignore this and hold on to this position. I do want to point out that I feel MT has failed to address this ongoing drama in a proper fashion. Of course removing a member of your own team is never a fun thing, but ultimately, there was no other choice. Lonello has severely damaged the reputation of the MT, I can only hope this reputation to be restored.
Lonello will probably write a long post full of his own facts to let out his rage. Hopefully that will be the final end of his MT time. This post will be full of bended reality, fallacies and all sorts of accusations that are only true inside his own bubble.
Lonello's accusations of "the clique" (a pretty big group I must admit) are the biggest nonsense I have seen. Accusing players (TheOptician) of being "part of a clique" due to having been on the same picture as another member of the forum are truly telling of how lonello sees the members of the community. After all lonello's misconducts, available for everyone to witness on here, and now even the hiding of the post made by GaryLShelton (abuse of power once more), I am glad to see justice has been served, finally.
On a different note, I hope the community will be able, despite some deep grievances, forgive the MT for their recent shortcomings. It's never easy to look at each other after a huge episode of drama as if nothing happened - The rather surgical removal of a MT member will leave some scars, but hopefully, they will also serve as a foundation to start building from, to a better community and a better MT.


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Posted 19 April 2018 - 12:55 PM

Lo was never going to resign, nor accept any magnitude of community opinion. It was the only way, and I'm impressed all the other members actually did the right and brave thing. Voting out a member of your own team is difficult and takes integrity, however far they may have strayed from the path.
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