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Being kicked out of game glitch

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#1 AlexanderB


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Posted 07 April 2018 - 12:25 AM

Hello forum, I have been having an issue too commonly for me when playing stratego matches that has caused me to automatically lose games because of a glitch so I will post about this. If anyone experiences this glitch or whatever it is please tell us in the forum because this could be an issue with just me... I'm not sure. This is my first post on this website as well. :)


Problem: I will start off by saying this only occurs on computers, not on the mobile app. Basically I will be playing a match and for no reason at all it seems that I am suddenly kicked out and not logged in. When I sign back into my account the game is nowhere and there is not a little notification that pops up on the side that allows me to reconnect to the game. This happens on multiple browsers, and has happened on several different computers connected to different internets. (My home, library, etc). 


My skill level is probably advanced so the issue is exceptionally frustrating because I will get into a very high stakes game and then automatically lose. Also this is hurting my stats. I am sure I will bring my ELO up again even with this issue. But I don't appreciate the losses in my stats, also I don't want my opponent to think I just disconnected on them if I am losing, because I don't do that.


Thank you all for reading this and thank you admins for helping fix these glitches. I have hope in humanity because of people like you who enjoy board games like this. 

#2 rgillis783



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Posted 08 April 2018 - 09:39 PM

Hey Alex B. welcome to the Forum  :) . Sorry to hear about the glitches , first off I am just a gamer like yourself. The MT moderating team is around if you want to speak with them. Your issue is not new, secondly you said that you are getting message to reconnect to match . Are you able to do this ? I ask due to your statement " the issue is exceptionally frustrating because I will get into a very high stakes game and then automatically lose" If you can reconnect to match it is not a loss. Your opponent should be waiting -that is if you reconnected within 2 min. Trying different browsers can help, I understand frustration with stats/ELO. If it continues contact customer care and see about an account reset-this will erase your wins and loses-starting fresh. I wish you the best of luck in the game-that is unless ya get me as opponent-Then it is ON !      just joking

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#3 Guldin



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Posted 14 April 2018 - 12:10 AM

won 4 straight in 2 days, gained 27 points, glitch loss to a noob today, lost 24! i give up! i'll never be able to get out of this hell hole playing endless chasers, intentional stallers and marsh charging lottoers. i must have now had this happen to me at least 30 times so far this year! the frustration on this site has just totally outweighed the fun. how could they have not resolved this by now? can someone please send me an email when they are assured the problem is fixed. i'm tired of feeling lucky whenever i can get to play 1 real player in 5 games...

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