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WEIRD error message

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Posted A week ago

 So just a few minutes ago i was ABOUT to win a match (i Clearly had an advantage)

and it "Signed me out" of my account during the match apparently.

it said my connection was lost but my internet signal was clearly good. ( i had another computer running doing sum "errands")...


my computer internet connection was fine the whole time .

is there a "bug"? in the site?

 ive played just over 100 matches here and NEVER encountered this on my end.

it does suck to lose a match i was "ahead" , but understand boundaries have to be made for " unexpected circumstances."


am i being stupid by suggesting there should be 2 types of "losses" (1 by legitamate defeat (surrender/flag captured) and 1 by (connection loss)?


we are succumbed to the powers of human made technology.

thats great and stuff...

but it sux when ya lose just because of a weird error msg that pops up out of nowhere saying your connection is lost when on MY side the connection is fine....


so im "assuming i lost a match due to strategos side of the connection...although it seems stupid to blame due to countless irregularities that exist within out technology lol...


im taking my loss because its just time going by. as with all things.

but wondering if its even WORTH asking if we should divide losses 2 ways so that people know how many of those lossesd were "legitamate strategy losses" vs "cpu/server/bug" malfunctions.


just wondering....its NEVER happened.... but maybe it was just a fluke and GOD needed to give that person a win cuz they needed one lol...


its ALLLLL GOOD! this community should be  CONSTRUCTIVE and open to ideas and open arms. so any feed back would be nice:)


like i said...a loss is a loss....i got a msg saying my connection was lost yet my interenet NEVER went down for any second...and i was clearly upper handed... but mybe im just being stupid.

if theres a legitamate bug on the site then its worth noting so the issue can be fixed/looked into...

i think its FAIR to ask and look into.


how many people have lost a game due to "conncection lost" error msgs...???????

how many people have had to log back in due to an "error " during a game???


just wondering !:)  


ill snap a screenshot of the error ms nect time if it comes up...(my phone died so i couldnt snap a pic...)

i just said screw it..." i got 

jipped...big deal thats life ...lol"

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