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WCO 2017-2018 Player Interview: Texaspete09

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Posted 10 December 2017 - 04:26 PM

WCO 2017-2018 Player Interview: texaspete09

Today we are here with texaspete09, 17 in age, from USA.


Texaspete’s first encounter with Stratego was during an afterschool program, while still a young texaspete ;), he particularly enjoyed the bluffing element of the game. After a while he typed in “Stratego” onto google, not knowing what to expect, and found www.stratego.com , made an account and ever since then “got hooked” as he said.


This all happened approximately 3 years ago, which also gives close to an answer to the question “how long have you been playing ”. Texaspete is currently a highschool student, looking to pursue a career in the field of maths (yours truly’s absolute favorite subject..).


When asked about his greatest Stratego achievement, Texaspete shared with us that he was very proud of finishing 6th during the second WCO, beating players like Sohal, Leppie and Karaiskakis in the process. After this achievement, Texaspete realized he too could climb the ladder, eventually making it to the magical treshhol of 1000 ELO. After the WCO Texaspete intends on climbing even further on the ladder.


Texaspete has some advice for newer players;

well, it is hard to generalize, but my best advice to players is to not be reckless and not let your emotions control your game. If you think logically about your situations throughout the game you will make much smarter plays. Another piece of advice is to watch games on youtube of

high ranked players like napoleon1er, and the ones posted by karaiskakis, and try to understand the logic behind all their moves.”


When asked who he’d like to face during the remainder of the WCO, Texaspete did have some early requests for the WCO santa claus, asking for Hielco, Gkaros or Nortrom. (Note that this interview was conducted before the 5th round pairings were announced).


To keep the community, in this case especially the USA community updated, the WCO team was interested in any NASF activity, unfortunately not much could be shared, except for the fact that not much was going on due to lack of organizers. To those eligible to play for NASF, take a look  here


Texaspete had something to share about the WCO. The WCO motivates him the most because there is always a huge pool of top notch players in many regards. The tournament is the most interactive due to interviews, news, after-tourney surveys and the wizard quiz. The Swiss system is, according to Texaspete one of the best things of the WCO, no complicated divisions, you get an opponent and at the end your results determine your next opponent.


Other games Texaspete enjoys playing are Poker and Chess, which led to the question “Ace, Queen or Marshal?” (You can see the answer at the very end)



When asked if Texaspete had one last thing to share with you guys, he stated “I hope everyone is enjoying the tournament as much as I am and I will see you on the battlefield

Many thanks to Texaspete09 for cooperation!



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