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WCO 2017-2018 Player Interview: Great Manos

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Posted 07 October 2017 - 07:45 PM

WCO 2017-2018 Player Interview: Great Manos

Today we are interviewing player Great Manos (33) from Greece, who played Stratego for the first time at the age of 10. His brother and he played a lot of board games at younger age and eventually got their hands on Stratego game which they played for a while (about 2 years). After a long time, Manos accidently found Stratego online on google play store and decided to give it a try. He still is trying to persuade his brother to give it a try aswell.


When asked which player he hoped to meet during the WCO, not one, but two answers were given: Hielco and your WCO reporter. Should Manos beat Morx in the second round, we might see him get matched up against one of the two players named.


Since Manos participated in the most recent live WC in Greece, this topic had to be brought up. When asked about his experiences he stated “Games on top level” and that he enjoyed meeting the players in real life. “It was a celebration for the people who love stratego”. Considering this was Manos’s first live WC, your reporter asked if he experienced any nerves, Manos said that he experienced a little bit of nerves for the first game of the WC, but after that, they were gone.


The thing Manos enjoyed the most about the WC was playing for the national Greek team, also beating multiple time world champion Vincent de Boer.



Greek national Stratego team 2017


The biggest differences between live and online play for Manos were the atmosphere (being able to physically see and speak to players) aswell as time control, playing with a clock. However, Manos did also state that he does prefer to play in real life, instead of online. (Hopefully we’ll see him at more WC’s and other tournaments  ). During his Stratego carreer he has only played about 5 live tournaments so far, we are sure many will follow.


His greatest achievement so far is finishing on #9 during the live WC, which also led to qualification for the Greek national team.


During the second round, Manos will face an opponent who also participated in the live WC in Greece 2017 and won the first WCO, Morx (finished #6). When asked about this game, Manos said he considers Morx to be an amazing player. When asked if he had a special strategy to beat Morx, he said yes, “started to pray a lot


When asked if he would rather win the WCO or live Greek national championships, Manos said he prefers to win the live Greek national championships, because it would be live, not behind the computer screen. He does consider the WCO to have a stronger playerfield though.


As final words for this interview Manos shared “Stratego is a hobby and we should enjoy it” with us.


Many thanks to Great Manos for cooperation!

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Posted 07 October 2017 - 08:17 PM

Couldn't you upload a better picture of our national team? lol
I'm like a drunk 😆 anyway, very nice interview!
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