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WCO 2017-2018 Player Interview: Losermaker

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Posted 03 October 2017 - 10:18 PM

WCO 2017-2018 Player Interview: Losermaker
Today we are here with Losermaker from Australia. Your reporter was curious to the origins of the name “Losermaker” and thus asked about it. Losermaker, previously known as “Whistler” at Metaforge, eventually made the transition to Stratego.com and wanted a funnier, but also more intimidating name. After a few days of brainstorming with his dad (who was losing quite often to Losermaker), his dad came up with the name “Losermaker”.
When asked about his history with Stratego, how it all began, Losermaker stated he saw the board game for the first time when he was three years old. After long a period of time, he remembered a game with, as he names it “scouts, bombs and a spy”. Pieces were ordered, but came without a board (would be delivered later), believe it or not, Losermaker’s first Stratego board was one made by his dad, as Losermaker says “It was quite a thin cardboard thing without any extra details, just the squares and maybe some badly drawn lakes  :)” not many players can say their first Stratego board was a handmade one. When asked if the board still is around, Losermaker answered negative. Too bad! We would have liked to see a glimpse of the Losermaker museum of Stratego.
Everyone has to got start somewhere, when asked if he made some players lose in his first games, he had to embarrassingly admit defeat to his family members for the first week. Common newcomer’s mistake that the Marshal does not beat the Spy when attacking was made and the rulebook had to be used to come to a ruling. When asked if he’s gotten revenge on them, he answered “maybe a few times....  :P”.
Being curious to what Losermaker considers to be his greatest Stratego achievement so far (only one answer allowed, you’ll see why soon…) he responded by saying “Wow, hard one”. He recalled a game where he beat your reporter quite badly and had to bring that up, but limited to only one answer, he chose his victory in the Winter tournament 15/16 over Playa1, who he beat coming from the loser(maker)bracket in a thrilling final with games over one hour of length.  N4sM771.png
Asking Losermaker about which opponent he is looking forward to play the most during the WCO 2017/18, he answered he’s looking forward to play your reporter and hopes to win. We all have that one player we would rather not face, being asked about it, he answered he hopes not to face Karaiskakis because he loses to him more often than he likes, despite still having a positive record against Karaiskakis.
Being asked whether he has filled in the Wizard’s quiz (http://forum.strateg...-wco3/?p=439217) yet, he gave the only right answer “yes”. He was surprised about (quote) “How badly I did last time”, which makes him want to try again. He’s ready to make some people lose in WCO knowledge quizzes. That’s the spirit!
For the second round, Losermaker is scheduled to play against Moghedien. When asked whether the game has been scheduled yet, the only right answer was given, that being “yes”. Being asked about his history against Moghedien he stated “we have played for another tournament I think and also for the King of the Battlefield (our most recent game) which he won. I think he has a good defensive Dutch style. He is a good guy and easy going so I hope it will be a good game win or lose. -- I think they are our only 2 games played, making this a tiebreaker  :)” We’re all looking forward to the result of this game (something tells your reporter it might just end in a draw).
When asked about some of Losermaker’s preferences:
Favorite Stratego piece? General (considering 6g5HxxQ.png is his avatar, we shouldn’t be too surprised)
First or second move in Stratego? Second, Losermaker answered
1st place in WCO or 1st place on ranking? Again, Losermaker making the right choice, 1st place in WCO
Losermaker or Moghedien? Losermaker(perhaps there won’t be a draw after all..)
Many thanks to Losermaker for cooperation!

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Posted 04 October 2017 - 12:52 AM

Nice idea for the interview piece! Thanks for doing it, Nortrom. It was fun to read! :) We particularly don't hear from Losermaker often. He's rather quietly climbed the ranks in the past year. :)

If I could have asked one more question, I'd like to know if maybe Losermaker had two or three bits of advice (or more :) ) for newbies or those of us struggling to get higher out of the gold zone and into platinum.


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Posted 04 October 2017 - 11:10 PM

To fill-in Gary's question here is my advice to anyone looking for new ways to improve, based off my own experiences;


1. Try to play the highest players you can as often as you can, but don't play with the thoughts of looking bad or trying too hard to win. Try to really focus on learning and watching how they move and organise their base during game, their trapping etc.


2. Experiment! people don't try enough stuff. They get a tactic that works for them for a while, then they encounter a higher player or two, the setup doesn't work, they have sort of lost confidence in it, but they still use it. Then they hit a stale point and stay where they are without progressing for a while.


I tried all sorts of stuff when I was struggling to get higher, sure you lose quite a lot of games but it is worth it to come out the better player at the end.


I have tried flag in 2nd row in a ranked game, I have done the bombed off side that people say you shouldn't do. I have done a crazy marshal attack, then put it in the back row for the next game. I have put 4 bombs in a square in the centre back rows, 1 of which will only be hit by something other than a miner in less than 5% of games. But after having tried all these things in multiple games, I have learnt how to play all those ways and in a lot of different situations that you don't normally get into. I have bombed off a side and won against some of the very best including Sohal and Nortrom, not to mention a good number of plat marshals on here. After much trial and error (I did lose a lot of games), I found a way to make it work.


I have found that although 2nd row flag is very hard to defend, it is possible. Its not my favourite tactic, but I use it very occasionally. Front row spy in the lane is also interesting, but you have to be willing to play the game and think you can win without it. There are so many things to try though; just in attacking alone you can try attacking with marsh, or gen or col attack. All of which can work well.


So just experiment!


3. Often if I really want to concentrate and win a game, I have to slow down a bit, and often put yourself in your opponents position. Looking at things from your opponents view makes you understand a lot more about their setup and what they are trying to do to bluff you or trap you.


Hope some of it helps and makes sense :)




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Posted 05 October 2017 - 11:45 AM

Sounds very familiar, LM! :). Nice to read this. Great advice.
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