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Backstabbers 2017 - Rules

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Posted 05 September 2017 - 06:37 PM

By signing up for this tournament, you agree to adhere to the rules and guidelines listed below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact TC. 


          1 Tournament Registration

·         This is a team tournament requiring each team has exactly 4 players.

·         Each player in your team must have agreed to take part in the tournament.

·         Each team needs to decide a team name and list the players in your team.

·         Each player, if an alias, MUST declare his/her main account prior to registration.

·         There is no restriction on minimum ELO or the number of games needed to join this tournament. However, banned players are forbidden from entering this tournament. 

·         TC reserves the right to refuse entry to players that TC deems does not meet the criteria above.


          2 Match Arrangement Information

·         You will receive a private message (PM) for each match you have to play. As part of this tournament, you will be expected to play 1 game per week. 

·         In your PM, you are responsible for arranging your match. You have to give your availability in GMT, rather than in your local time zone.

·         Both players must agree to a scheduled time before the match is considered "arranged". 

·         After your match is concluded, it is highly recommended that the victor posts screenshot proof of his/her victory. 

·         An arranged match may be re-scheduled in an emergency situation up to 6 hours before it is scheduled to start. 

·         If the match is not arranged before Saturday 23:59 GMT, the match will be automatically arranged for Sunday 15:00GMT. It is your responsibility to ensure you can arrange a match in a time that is suitable for you. 

·         A match can not be arranged later than Sunday 23:59 GMT.

·         If your opponent does not show up at the "arranged time" (see third point), please provide screenshot proof of the no-show and report this in your match PM. The absentee will be rewarded a loss (1pt), and you will win by default (6pts)


          3 Match Scoring Information

·         If you win a match, you will gain 6 points. A loss will give you 1 point, while a tie will give you 3 points.


          4 Tournament Disputes and Additional Information

·         If you have any disputes or disagreements in your match PM, please inform TC as soon as possible.

·         TC will act as an independent arbiter to resolve all disputes within the tournament, such as draw refusal or abusive behaviour. The word of the TC is final.

·         If the dispute involves member(s) of the TC, that/those TC member(s) will be excluded from judging the dispute. 

·         This tournament will be run by TC which consists of TheOptician, steelers and Master Mind

·         This tournament will start on October 30th and is expected to last 7-8 weeks. 

·         Tournament signups will close on October 29th at 23:59GMT. 


          5 Match Ordering

·         The TC will use random.org to decide which teams will play which teams, and also which players will play which players. This is so that the competition is 100% fair and unbiased. 


          6 Tournament Structure

·         Round 1 - 5 (depending on the number of teams) will consist of 2 teams playing each other (4vs4). 

·         Now, TC will count up the scores all teams have made so far (teams scores, in case of a tie, board points are used). The 2 highest-scoring teams will progress to round 6 while the other teams will be out. Tiebreakers will be played if necessary

·         In Round 6 the two remaining teams will split into duos and play each other. (half of winning team A vs other half of winning team A, and the latter half of winning team B vs other half of winning team B ).

·         The two highest scoring "duos" from each team will progress, while the two lowest scoring "duos" from each team will be out. Here, the competition is reduced to 2 teams of 2 players each.

·         Round 7, the two teams will meet in a 2 vs 2 battle to decide who is the best team in the competition.

·         Round 8, the two players of the winning team will meet again once more to decide the final victor of the backstabbers 2016. 

·         Note there could be some variations if there is a different or odd amount of teams


7 Alias Register Requirements

·         In order to participate in this event, you must make a post in the Alias Register about your country, nationality and possible alias accounts here on stratego.com http://forum.strateg...alias-register/    

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