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WC 2017 Greece Final Standings + Exprerience.

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Posted 22 August 2017 - 12:01 AM

I will post about my experience tomorrow as I am very tired today.

Final Standings:

1) Anjo Travaille NL 50                                        (garulfo)

2) Tim Slagboom NL 49                                       (playa1)

3) John Vandoros GR 47                                  (Overlord_98)

4) Vincent de Boer NL 47                                   (Stuyvesant)

5) Max Roelofs NL 45                                        (maxroelofs)

6) Dennis Baas NL 42                                         (Morx)

7) George Franka NL 42                                        (???)

8) Stavros Sekertzis GR 41                               (SEKERTZISS)

9) Manolis Tsotras GR 40                                  (Great Manos)

10) Philippe Bergiers BE 40                                (berre)

11) Charalambos Stanitsas GR 39                      (zoografos)

12) Jorg Dannenbring DE 39                                (panther65)

13) George Petroulakis GR 39                               (gpet0)

14) Ryan Wogomon US 37                                     (Wogomite)

15) Anastasios Koukas GR 36                              (roeczak)

16) Steffen Annies DE 35

17) Dimitrios Moschovos GR 35                           (gmits)

18) Kees de Vos NL 35

19) Elissaios Vandoros GR 35                                (ELISSAIOS-GR)

20) Spyros Vandoros GR 35                                    (vspy13)

21) Georgios Trypanagnostopoulos GR 33             (dalee)

22) Dimitrios Kosmopoulos GR 33                          (FGP_)

23) Theoharis Loulakis GR 32                                (Henry Domerkant)

24) Konstantinos Tsigkounis GR 32                          (Jakehaar)

25) Roseline de Boer NL 32                                       (Rosbos)

26) Eric van de Haar NL 32

27) Ioannis Fytilakos GR 32                                        (Perigord)

28) Nikos Kouvatsos GR 31                                       (Major Nelson)

29) Greg Adamakis GR 31                                       (KARAISKAKIS)

30) Charlie Palley GB 31                                          (TheOptician)

31) Stamatis Gilfesis GR 31                                     (stamen feson)

32) Pasxalis Tzenos GR 30                                       (pasxalistz)

33) Theo Gerrits NL 30

34) Konstantinos Fotis GR 27                                    (IOLAUS1926)

35) Dimitrios Gkougkoumas GR 27                          (DR_ELL_SUPREME)

36) Georgios Papalexopoulos GR 26                         (PHAETHON)

37) Dimitrios Christodoulou GR 26

38) Vasilis Alexoudis GR 24                                       (Hercules1926)

39) George Fotis GR 24                                                (Geo_Tsarpista)

40) Hermann Kleier DE 22

41) Stavros Vagios GR 21

-- Kostas Konstantinou GR 20 (had 4-2 but had to leave) (Kostas2506)

A big thanks to all players for making this event what it was.


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#2 roeczak



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Posted 22 August 2017 - 11:08 PM

I want to say a big thank you to all participants, to the organising team and the referees for conducting this great stratego party! It felt great to see some of the names I see on the screen (playa, Max, Wogomite, TheO etc.) become real faces and people ! The atmosphere and the location was amazing too !

As for me I finished the WC in 15th place with 4 wins , 3 draws, 3 losses. Here is what I remember about my games:

Game 1: vs. Maxroelofs

I was really anxious to be paired against one of the strongest players in the world. However I think I gave Max a good game, but after being too afraid to call any of his several bluffs, I was down several minor pieces and eventually surrendered the game. (lesson: I have to be more aggresive)

Game 2: vs. Hermann Kleier

Hermann started out very defensively and after scouting his front row bombs I was able to penetrate his setup, with the game eventually being decided when he lottoed his colonel into a bomb.

Games 3 and 4 (I dont remember the order) were two draws vs. players who have a great reputation: panther65 and gpet0

Against panther I managed to beat his defensive style, but he saved the draw due to the time (lesson: I have to play quicker to avoid this)

Against gpet0 I played a very interesting, attacking game.

It was me who saved the draw when I took the opportunity, having known 3 bombs, to lotto everything except his 3 bombs surrounding the flag. George was upset by the lotto but I think his flag was pretty obvious . Afterwards I had the advantage but I couldnt pass any miners to his side, so the game ended in a draw.

Game 5: vs. Greg (KARAISKAKIS)

Greg was really tired from organising the event and he had really no stamina to play well, so he decided to throw everything at me , but it didnt work. Big thanks to Greg for organising.

Game 6: vs. SEKERTZIS

I played a really good game and was so happy to make a draw against a legend of live stratego , that I forgot his colonel I had scouted , and trapped him with my major and captain  :(  :(  :( and such a good game went to waste (It was a sure draw if I didnt do this)

Game 7 : vs. TheOptician

I played my best again, matching Charlie's aggresive style with quite an uncommon setup, which confused him and led to me having an advantage.  However, with me up a general and colonel, he lottoed all(!) of my miners , leaving me no chance but to accept the draw.

Game 8 : vs. stamen feson

Stamatis decided to play very defensively, probably knowing that I was more in form than him, but this strategy backfired as I used some of the style of Unladen Swallow  :) to break his fortress and methodically came to the win.

Game 9 : vs.  Kees de Vos

With a win I would probably join the top 10. Kees played very defensively and I had a large advantage, but eventually after many mistakes I lost the game. 

I should say here that this player was not really playing in a sportsmanlike way, as he was constantly making sounds and speaking in Dutch after every move, including a loud BOOOOOMMM after I hit his bomb (with a scout, lol) that was heard in the entire tournament hall. 
He did not to this only with me, but as I understand he has being doing this in every WC he's been to, and in my opinion he should not be allowed to do that anymore.

Game 10: vs. Jakehaar

I wanted to win and some other results to make the national team, and broke his defenses after discovering his majors and colonels, resulting in a win for me. However, the other results didn't came my way and I finished 5th out of the greek players.

Overall it was an amazing experience for me and I will even considering playing abroad in the future if my financial status allows me to do that.

I will post about the open tournament, in which I won a medal, later.

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#3 Unladen Swallow

Unladen Swallow


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Posted 23 August 2017 - 12:10 AM

Thank you very much for the great summary!! :D

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I used to play against a few drunken idiots in College and University. I just recently discovered this game online, playing my first matches against real-world opponents. After 100 games, I'm now one of the top 10 players in the world. 

#4 Morx



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Posted 23 August 2017 - 09:10 AM

Hi Roeczak,


Very nice summary from your games and thanks for the kind words :) Its quite impressive how well you did against some of the players with much more tournament experience.


Regarding your game number 9, I understand your distraction with the kaboom. Its something he does in all his games, he played almost two times more than any other player on the world ranking list. Its one of his special things and everyone that has ever played him knows its not meant to distract the other players, its just the way he plays the game.


As for the talking, his only language is Dutch and he talks half to himself when he is playing saying stuff like: "hmm I think you have a airplane there"" , while he is considering his next move. Airplane is the word he using for the scout, because it flies over many fields. Its his way to think about his next move, if you were both speaking the same language the experience would be a lot more fun.


In the open tournament I was playing him and found a major and told him in Dutch: "I will bring something bigger". The next piece I moved was my sergeant, which he hit with a scout cause it made him curious. When he hit it, I told you I will bring something bigger. He said: "Yes bigger than the scout but not bigger than this one". After this he ran the major back into his own setup to hide it, cause my next piece coming could be a colonel or the general.


Talking and misinformation are a huge part of the live game. In my very close game vs TheOptician he looked at my face at each important move to see if he could figure out what I was doing based on my look or what I would say. I hope he didnt learn anything from it, but I dont know ;)



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#5 Lonello



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Posted 23 August 2017 - 10:00 AM

Yes I completely endorse Morx' statement here. In fact, there was a celebration of Kees the other year. He has been around since the early '90's and he was given a booklet in which every letter of the alphabet was a special line of his. KABOOOOM is the most famous ofcourse, but the airplane being no more than simple wreckage after defeat is one too, and he has one on all of the pieces.


You were quite the drawking there, roeczak :rolleyes:  :D! It was a great tourney for you, being defeated that little. And for Kees you are better prepared the next time. Kees visits tourneys all over the world always, so I'm sure he'll be back in Greece rather sooner than later and you two meet up again. Just BOOOOOM him back into his carroussel ^_^  :lol:  :P!!!

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#6 Don_Homer



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Posted 23 August 2017 - 12:14 PM

Nice summary, Roeczak! Next time you will be more familiar with the pieces and some crazy players. Many new players have to adjust to "Kees Kaboom" and they always have. And they better do, cause Kees does not miss many tournaments, you probably meet him again :).
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Molto Bene, Thats a nica Donut !

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Posted 25 August 2017 - 09:03 AM

Greetings everyone!
I think I was the only Greek who played so many matches with Greeks (8/10) so on Sunday (Open Tournament, in which I didn't take part because of my leaving schedule) I had the chance between breaks to play friendly matches against people from abroad.
I asked Erik van de Haar and Kees aka KABOOM to play and they accepted with pleasure. As for the ΚΑΒΟΟΜ, I think his style of play,make him special and I hope not change it in the next tournaments.
By far, those matches were the most entertaining !!! I was really impressed by their passion for the game!
In my opinion Stratego's real purpose is not only winning your battles, but a chance in live tournaments to meet new people and make new friends!

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