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Pyramid League 2017 - Rules

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Posted 30 June 2017 - 08:45 PM

Pyramid League 2017


1) Tournament Type & Schedule, Eligibility & Registration

• The tournament will last 17 weeks, beginning on
 Sunday July 2nd

• Each player will play every other player within their Division once

• Players score 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss

• The winner of the Division is the player with the most points, and so on…

• All players are eligible for this tournament (unless specifically banned by TC)

• Places in Apex Division and Core Divisions are invite-only, and have been based on historical tournament performance

• Players who wish to play in Base Division may make a post in the Registration thread (http://forum.strateg...id-league-2017/) to indicate their participation

• Players are also required to fulfil obligations regarding disclosure of aliases and basic information by making a post in the Alias Register: (http://forum.strateg...lias-register/)

• Registration closes on Saturday July 1st 23.59GMT



2) Promotion & Relegation


The Pyramid will run annually, and players may move up or down a Division depending on their finishing position.


Finishing positions in other specified tournaments will provide additional automatic qualification routes for players to win a place in a higher Division. These tournaments are: WCO 2017, WinterTourn 2017/18 and Champions League 2018 - and will be referred to as 'the 3 Majors'


Automatic Promotion and Relegation through Pyramid


• The winner of each Core Division wins promotion to Apex

• The top two of each Base Division win promotion to Core

• The bottom two of Apex will be relegated to Core

• The bottom two of each Core Division will be relegated to Base


Automatic Promotion through the 3 Majors


• Top 2 (of any of the 3 Majors) win promotion to Apex

• 3rd to 8th (of WinterTourn 2017/18 or Champions League 2018) and 3rd to 10th (of WCO 2017) win promotion to Core


As some promotion and relegation spots depend on the results of future tournaments, some finishing positions in the Pyramid are potential promotion or relegation spots


Players in potential promotion and relegation spots will fight it out between themselves for the remaining places in the Pyramid Play-Offs - but only in the event that there are places left to play for


Pyramid Play-Offs: Potential Promotion and Relegation


• Players finishing 8th to 10th in Apex may be relegated to Core

• Players finishing 8th to 10th in Core may be relegated to Base

• Runners up of Core Divisons may be promoted to Apex

• 3rd place in Base Divisions may be promoted to Core

• 3rd and 4th place in the 3 Majors may be promoted to Apex

• 9th to 16th (of WinterTourn 2017/18 and Champions League 2018) and 11th to 18th (of WCO 2017) may be promoted to Core


The Pyramid Play-offs will occur after Champions League 2018



3) Arranging a Tournament Game


• Players are responsible for arranging their own fixtures

• Due to the flexibility awarded to players, TC will not usually be initiating any game arrangements. If players are having difficulty arranging matches (no-shows/cancellations/difficult opponent to track down etc) then TC will assist at your request

• We recommend that you either make arrangements by PM and cc a member of TC (steelers, Master Mind or TheOptician) into the conversation, or inform TC that a Pyramid game is about to occur. This will avoid any potential disputes that may occur, but this up to you

• TC may intervene if they become concerned that a player will not be able to complete their games in time



4) Absences


• Over the 17 weeks we expect that players will be out of contact for sustained periods. All we ask is that you inform TC should you be away for more than a week at a time

• TC will post notice of absences so that players do not waste time trying to make arrangements with someone who is on holiday



5) Reporting Results and Screenshots


• After the match has finished, the result must be reported to TC, and a screenshot of the victory screen provided

• Screenshots are especially important in the event of a dispute, so please don’t forget. If there is no proof and your opponent disputes the result then it cannot be counted



6) Disputes and Disconnects


If a player is booted from set-up, the game must re-start


If your opponent claims they were legitimately booted or disconnected once the match is underway, then TC will leave the decision to replay the game to the players involved


If only the disconnected/booted player is willing to replay, then TC will independently assess whether the game SHOULD be replayed. In this scenario TC will expect: 

• the disconnected player to provide video evidence of their disconnection
• the winning player to provide a victory screenshot of the entire screen 


TC will then use their judgement to determine whether the game is to be replayed. Note that TC will only compel a replay where they decide that the disconnected player had a clear advantage



7) Withdrawals

TC understand that real life events may force a player to withdraw. A player may withdraw from the tournament, at any time, by informing TC. This will not usually impact the player’s ability to participate in future tournaments. However, if the reason for withdrawal is for example ‘there was no point in playing my last few matches because I wasn’t doing well’ then participation in future tournaments will be threatened



8) Disqualifications/Etiquette/Draw-Refusal/Double-Chasing


• TC will not tolerate discrimination, bad language, abusive behaviour or poor sportsmanship (this includes prolonged chasing or intentional time-wasting) and may disqualify players deemed guilty of these offences. TC may also decide to deduct points from a player as an alternative to disqualification

• Double-chasing is forbidden in this tournament.

• TC may also decide that the tournament is better off without players who persistently cause their opponent difficulties (no-shows/cancellations etc)

• The Draw-refusal policy is in place, and TC will judge cases. Players found guilty of Draw-refusal will at the very least lose the match

• Public accusations, insinuations or suggestions of deceitful or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. If you believe an opponent has acted in contravention of the rules this must be communicated to TC PRIVATELY, not publicly via the forum.


If any player wishes to bring any of the above cases to the attention of TC then please realise that we can only act if evidence is provided (in the form of screenshots or video)


Note about videos: Players do not need permission of their opponent to film a sequence of moves to illustrate a case of double-chasing or other abusive behaviour


9) Results concerning disqualified (or withdrawn) players


Everyone’s least favourite section


• Any player who withdraws or is disqualified - having played less than half their matches – has all their results nullified

• If the disqualified or withdrawn player has played at least half of their matches, then all their opponents who never had the opportunity to play are awarded 0-2 points (a range), which represents the scoring outcomes that could have occurred had the game been played



10) Resolving Ties


Ties (when two or more players finish level on points) will be resolved in the following order:


• Firstly - If players are level on points then the head-to-head results between the tied parties will be used

• Secondly - The ‘best’ result will be used (eg 2 players finish T8th, Player A’s best result was beating a player who finished 2nd, Player B’s best result was beating a player who finished 4th – Player A wins)

• Thirdly – The ‘worst’ result will be used (eg 2 players finish T1st, Player A’s worst result was losing to a player who finished 9th, Player B’s worst result was losing a player who finished 6th – Player B wins)

• Finally a play-off will occur but only if the result has potential to impact promotion/relegation or to decide the Division Champion


The following situations involving a disqualified or withdrawn player are also considered ties:


• Where one player's score is not lower than the bottom range of another player's score (eg a score of 32 ties with a score of 32-34)

• Where one player's score is not higher than the top range of another players' score (eg a score of 26 ties with a score of 24-26)

• Where one or more players both have a range which overlaps (eg a score of 21-23 ties with a score of 23-25)


These ties are resolved in exactly the same way as standard ties



11) Player Responsibilities & TC Rights

• Players are expected to monitor their PM inbox (unless absent) in case TC need to communicate privately with them for any reason.

• TC reserves the right to ask any player questions to maintain the integrity of tournaments. This may extend to asking questions about aliases which go beyond the requirements of the Alias Register (such as 'can you explain how you are 800+ ELO, have played under 200 games and this is your first account?'). A player who is deemed uncooperative will be subject to disqualification.


In the event that anything unforeseen occurs not covered by the rules (it usually does), then TC will rule on these issues using their best judgement. All decisions made by TC are final. 

12) And Finally…..


If you have a Question or a remark about the general functioning of the rules, this can be communicated in the Questions Thread (http://forum.strateg...id-league-2017/

TC welcomes constructive feedback which can be provided in the Suggestions Box (http://forum.strateg...uggestions-box/)

Tournament Committee members can participate in this tournament, but those members may not act as judges in cases where they are directly involved. The Tournament Committee consists of:


Master Mind

TC wish you all the best!

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