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World Team Tournament Rules

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Posted 20 June 2017 - 04:58 AM

World Team Tournament - Rules

1)     Alternates

Teams can name up to two players as alternates.  These players must be from the same country as players on their team, or in the case of the Juniors team, the alternates must be juniors.  Alternates must be named by Thursday, June 29 in order to be permitted to play.  An alternate may fill in for a player who cannot play his game in a given week, or may take over for a player who withdraws.  An alternate may not compete in more than one game in a single round.  An alternate may not be an alias of a player on the team.  Teams must list their alternates in the registration topic prior to them competing in any game, and before June 29.  http://forum.strateg...t-announcement/

2)     Arranging a tournament game

Forum threads will be opened for the purposes of scheduling and reporting results.  In each match-up, a player’s opponent will be the player of the opposing team designated by the same letter, either A, B, C, D, or E.

Each player must provide availability (by posting in the appropriate Forum Topic) in the form of ‘Starting Time Ranges’ (STRs). Each player must provide 3 VALID STRs (see Rule 6) BEFORE 
Thursday 23:59 GMT (‘Curfew’ – see Rule 8) of each game week.


3)  Scoring results:  Teams earn 2 points for each win, 1 for a draw, and 0 for a loss.  For example, if a team wins three games, loses one, and draws one against an opposing team, then that team earns 7 for this match, while the opposing team earns 3.  After the round-robin, the top two teams on points will advance to the championship round.  Match schedules and updated standings can be found here:  http://challonge.com/dzdhczbf


4)  Tie-breaking procedures.  If after the round-robin teams are tied on points, then the tie is settled in favor of the team that scored more points in head-to-head competition against the team or teams with which it is tied.  If teams are still tied, and settling the tie is necessary to determine which will advance to the championship round, then each of the tied teams will designate one player from their team to compete in a one-game playoff to break the tie.    


5)  Championship Round:  The championship round will last two weeks.   In the championship round, match-ups will be chosen by the teams.  The 2nd place team will choose all the match-ups in the first week, and the first place team will decide the match-ups in the second week, with the requirement that there be no matches between the same players who competed in the first week.


When one team reaches 11 points or more, they are the winners.  If the championship match ends 10 to 10, then the team that was in first place after the round-robin is the winner.  If there was a tie for first, then each team chooses a player to compete in a final tie-breaking match.  If it is a draw then a second player from each team is chosen to play another match.


 6)   What is a Starting Time Range, and when are STRs considered valid?

 A Starting Time Range (STR) consists of a range of 2 hours in which a player can start the game. Each player must provide a minimum of 3 VALID STRs for each round.  (Exception: Once a game becomes arranged, a player is no longer obligated to provide 3 valid STRs).

 Proposed STRs are only valid when fulfilling each of the following conditions:

A   Each STR must be of a minimum length of two hours.

B.  Each STR must be communicated in GMT 24-hour time.

C.   Each player must propose the three valid STRs in the relevant Forum thread.
D.   Each game week begins on Monday at 0:01 GMT and ends on Sunday at 23:59 GMT.  An STR that straddles this deadline is not considered valid.  The organizing committee (OC) may agree to extend this deadline in an effort to facilitate playing of a match.

E.  A player’s proposed STRs may not all be on the same day, but must involve at least two separate days.
F.  Each STR proposed by a player must not begin within 6 hours of the time that it is proposed, in order to give their opponent adequate notice.

7)    When is a game considered “arranged”?

A.  A game is considered arranged if one player picks a time already offered by his/her opponent and states this in the appropriate Forum thread. This is on the basis that the proposed start time does not occur within the next 24 hours (thus ensuring their opponent is given reasonable notice). Note that a player must pick a start TIME and not an entire range for the match to be considered arranged. The OC will confirm (where we can) when a game is arranged within the Forum thread, but confirmation is not required by the OC or the opponent for the game to be scheduled.

B.  If a player picks a time already offered by his or her opponent that occurs within 24 hours, this is NOT considered arranged. (This doesn’t mean the match cannot be played at that time if his/her opponent agrees - it just won’t be considered arranged until the match begins)

C.  A game is also considered arranged if both players meet online and decide to play there and then. In this scenario, both players must post in the corresponding Forum thread that they are about to play.  Any game, if not already officially arranged, becomes officially arranged as soon as it begins.

D. All games must be played on the Stratego.com site as unranked games. Players are advised to enter the Challenge Zone so that their presence can be proved if necessary (especially important if an opponent does not show up). We urge all players to make a friend request of opponents using the game site (preferable as soon as the opponent is known) so that they can challenge in unranked battle. If there is a problem or someone is not able to arrange an unranked game (because of bugs or otherwise) please consult a member of the OC.

 8)    When is the Curfew, and what are the consequences for missing the Curfew?

A.  The Curfew is the deadline in each round by which three valid STRs must be provided by each player. If an arrangement has already been reached by the Curfew, players are no longer obligated to provide 3 valid STRs.  The Curfew for each round will be 
Thursday 23:59 GMT.

B.  If a player has not provided three valid STRs by Curfew, his team will receive a Strike (see Rule 14).  Five strikes for a team will results in disqualification from the tournament.


C.  An alternate from the team of the player who has not provided three valid STRs by Curfew may arrange a game with that player’s opponent by choosing a time he had proposed.

9)     What happens if both players have provided 3 valid STRs, but there are no valid game arrangements?

If both players have posted 3 valid STRs (in accordance with Rule 4) by the Curfew (Thursday 23:59 GMT) but there is no matching time, then the game will be automatically arranged (see Rule 10).

10)      Automatic Arrangements

In the event that no arrangement has been reached by Friday 18:00 GMT , then the OC will automatically arrange the match for 
Sunday 18:00 GMT.  If the player’s opponent cannot make the match then an alternate from that team may play instead  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Players may still MUTUALLY agree to play their game at a different time, as long as this game starts no later than Sunday 23:59 GMT, and as long as this mutual agreement is reached (and posted) before the automatic arrangement time.

11)     What happens if a player does not show up at the arranged time?

A.  If a player’s opponent has not appeared in the Challenge Zone chat room within 10 minutes of the arranged time, that player must post the absence in the match topic, attaching a screenshot (of the Challenge Zone) as proof for OC review.


B.  The team of any player who does not show up for an arranged match within 10 minutes, for any reason, will be automatically given a strike (see Rule 14).


C.  Please note that it is not possible to claim victory if your opponent does not show up. In the scenario whereby a player has not shown up at the arranged time, AND the arranged time of the match was BEFORE Friday 17.00GMT, then the game will be automatically re-scheduled in accordance with Rule 10.  Otherwise, the match will be rescheduled to another week (provided that the team is not disqualified).


12)    Reporting Results and Screenshots

After the match has finished, the game result must be reported immediately in the appropriate Forum thread with a screenshot displaying the victory screen. (Players may alternatively send the OC a PM)


A result may also be confirmed by the losing player.  However, if there is no screenshot provided, and the two players are not in agreement about the result, the match will be replayed and automatically arranged for Sunday 18:00 GMT (see Rule 10).


13)      Cancellations

A.  A game already arranged may be cancelled by a player only if a minimum of 6 HOURS notice is provided. If 6 hours notice is not provided then the team of the player who attempted to cancel the game will receive a strike if it is not played.  An alternate may fill in for the missing player to avoid a strike. 

B.  Any player who cancels a game already arranged must provide three valid replacement STRs (see Rule 6) in the relevant PM thread at the time of cancellation, or his team will receive a strike.  In the absence of three valid replacement STRs the game will be automatically arranged for Sunday 18:00 GMT (see Rule 10)

C.  PLEASE NOTE that after Saturday 18:00 (in the week in which the game is due to be played) cancellations are not permitted due to time constraints.  


D.  The OC does understand that players have lives outside of Stratego, and that players may need to cancel a game last minute due to emergencies. In these cases the OC will use their discretion with regard to whether a strike should be applied.

 14)     Strikes and Disqualifications

 A team can expect to receive a strike in all of the following instances:

•    Where a player has not provided three valid STRs by Curfew. (Exception: Once a game becomes arranged, a player is no longer obligated to provide 3 valid STRs).
•    Where a player does not show up for an arranged match within 10 minutes. (see Rule 11)
•    Where a player cancels an arranged match without providing three valid replacement STRs. (see Rule 13)

Any team that receives five strikes will be automatically disqualified from the tournament. If the fifth Strike occurs at a late stage of the tournament then OC may decide to forego the Strike for the benefit of the tournament.  The OC may also decide, at their discretion, to remove a strike from a team

15)  Resolving Ties after a Disqualification


In the event of a disqualification, any games not played by this team will be scored as ‘No-Result’, which is treated as a range of 0 to 1 point for their opponents.  If after the round-robin, the point range of one team overlaps the point total or point range of another team, they will be subject to the tie-breaking procedures described below.  If scores are equal after this process then Rule 4 will apply.


Case 1 - Where one team has played against the disqualified team and the other has not, then the result against the disqualified team is nullified for the purpose of resolving the tie between the two teams.

Case 2 - Where both players have not played against the disqualified team, then the 'No-Result' against the disqualified team is also nullified for the purpose of resolving ties

Case 3 - Where both players have played against the disqualified player, then the result against the disqualified player remains in tact.


16) Disputes and Disconnects


If a player is booted from set-up, the game must immediately re-start.

If your opponent claims they were legitimately booted or disconnected once the match is underway, then the OC will leave the decision to replay the game to the players involved. If both players agree to re-play the game, then players must re-match IMMEDIATELY

If only the disconnected/booted player is willing to replay, then the OC will independently assess whether the game SHOULD be replayed. In this scenario the OC will expect: 

• the disconnected player to provide video evidence of their disconnection
• the winning player to provide a victory screenshot of the entire screen 

The OC will then use their judgement to determine whether the game is to be replayed. Note that OC will only compel a replay where they decide that the disconnected player had a clear advantage.

If the winning player is unable to provide a screenshot the game must be replayed.

Time constraints may also dictate whether the game can be re-played. Players must respect the decision of OC, which is final.

17)      Battlefield Policy

•    Double-chasing is NOT allowed.


•   The Draw-refusal policy will be enforced, and the OC will judge cases. Players found guilty of Draw-refusal will at the very least, forfeit the match.

•   Prolonged chasing or intentional time-wasting is not permitted, and the OC will judge cases.


In the above cases, screenshots and/or video evidence will be required to establish proof.


18)       Unforeseen Circumstances and Rule Changes

Though the OC aims to have covered all possible eventualities, in the event that anything unforeseen occurs not covered by the rules, we will rule on these issues using our best judgement. All decisions made by the OC are final.

The OC deserves the right, where we deem it necessary to:
•   Provide additional rules, or make exceptions to rules in certain circumstances we deem appropriate
•   Make any specific demands of players, such as requesting additional STRs or asking questions concerning player integrity.
•  Extend leniency to players in regards to the rules where they feel the tournament will benefit from such leniency.


Note:  Any rules stated here take precedence over those in the tournament announcement.  For example, the tie breaking procedure is different than what was stated previosly.


19)      The Organizing Committee

The OC consists of Wogomite, steelers, The Prof, queenbee1, and njphillips12.  


The OC gives credit to the TC, especially TheOptician, for the ideas and wording contained throughout these rules.  Thank you, TheO!

#2 The Prof

The Prof


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Posted 22 June 2017 - 11:25 PM

We're going to switch to 2-1-0 scoring instead of 1 - 0.5 - 0 for Win/Draw/Loss because Challonge.com does not appear to support fractional points.  The rules above have been edited to reflect this.  Here again is the challonge link if you want to follow the scores:  http://challonge.com/dzdhczbf

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Posted 22 June 2017 - 11:36 PM

You can delete this comment later but it's good to see you were able to crunch out a nice and detailed ruleset, The Prof.
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The complete GS&F Rules can be found here: http://forum.strateg...rum-rules-2016/
Draw Refusal Rules, specifically, can be read here: http://forum.strateg...931#entry468931

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Posted 23 June 2017 - 02:13 PM

No, I completely agree. Crunching out very well indeed :)!


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