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Queenbee's Invitational Drawing

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Posted 10 June 2017 - 05:54 PM

Well I couldn't do it myself. I needed someone who was completely impartial and the jury is in. How it was done is explained but if you just want to jump below to see if you won that okay too. If you have a paypal account contact me asap. If not I will send a code you can use on Amazon.com.


The results of the drawing are now official! I took the remaining 24 qualified player names who participated in the QueenBee1 Invitational and randomly assigned them a playing card within each of their respective suits. In order to fill out the list so that all thirteen cards within a suit were available, I used non-qualifying names. Example: Hearts had seven qualified players, but needed six more names to fill out the suit. Using six additional non-qualified names, the list was entered into the "randomizer" which randomly generated a list of the thirteen names; thus, all qualified names were given a place from 1 to 13 (11 Jack, 12 Queen, 13 King) somewhere upon that list. Having done this with all four suits, it was clear that there was no pattern to be had.


From a standard, CLEAN deck of playing cards, the twenty four names were pulled and made into a single deck. I shuffled the deck thoroughly several times. Even at one point interlacing the cards so as to be sure of separation, and then shuffled again four or five more times. Fanning the cards, my wife and almost three year old son selected cards randomly from anywhere within the fan. (They were not told the purpose of this operation to insure a complete and neutral bias). They chose from different parts of the fan. The remaining cards were placed in a bag, and with eyes closed, I chose the final card which was designated as the grand prize winner.


Here are the results:


The Prof––$25.00



Henry Domerkant––$25.00

Major Nelson––$25.00





Grand Prize Winner


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Posted 13 June 2017 - 07:18 PM

Okay everyone's been paid except one and he is setting up a paypal account. Thanks again for participating.

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