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Difficulty of Achieving/Maintaining ELO Ranks, Has it Changed?

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#41 Yellowhat



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Posted 2 weeks ago

That's just playing to not lose points

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#42 Napoleon 1er

Napoleon 1er


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Posted 2 weeks ago

i have had 0 point for a win in the past :lol:

 only time i got 0 is for a draw against a player whose ELO was exactly the same as mine

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#43 GaryLShelton



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Posted 5 days ago

Anytime you are 677 points higher than your opponent you will get 0 points for a win and 25 for a loss to that player.

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#44 Sir_Richard



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Posted 5 days ago

The ELO rankings are quite volatile - my own has varied over a range of >200 points (recent high and low).  I estimate my long term playing strength at approx. 80% of my all time high.

It also seems pretty accurate to set a range from the midpoint of a recent high and low

to about 50 points higher than that.  In my case 80% of my all time high comes out to just about ELO 400; the midpoint of a recent high (500) and recent low (274) is 387.  So, a

plausible range for my playing strength is 387 to 437 (387+50).  Subjectively, in my

play against such opponents, it seems about an even match.  


I'd also note that winning/losing streaks between 5 games (probability ~1/32 against

matched opponents) and 10 games (probability 1/1024) seem to be relatively more

common than probabilities would suggest. So don't fret over losing 6-8 games in a row:

you're probably getting frustrated, overly aggressive and taking too many risks trying to recoup.  Take a break for a few days, work out a different setup, and come back to the

game ready to concentrate.


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