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Will artificial intelligence develop to the point where it can beat a human in stratego?

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Posted A week ago

This is my question to the 'know hows', is it possible to teach an ai to respond to known knowledge of his opponent? If so then the combinations of information a computer could learn could indeed beat the best of humans if it was designed by the best players. I'm sure it would take an atrocious amount of time to create but it could be done. Imagine an ai Nortrom that never suffered any type of mental fatigue or over stimulation. Even more amazing, think of the code? If Nortrom made this, the code would hold his deepest Stratego secrets. A genuine chest of Stratego treasure.


In other games, hand-coding human knowledge has proven to be almost impossible to give super-human performance. Older computer programs in chess and other board games were very efficient number crunchers with rather simplified evaluation functions to assign a judgment value to a position. Adding knowledge to such program has always slowed them down too much to benefit from better judgment.


AlphaZero showed that no special knowledge is necessary. Just lots of computers, learning from self-play (many more games than played in the history of humankind). The knowledge is represented as a hugely complicated non-linear function. Works for Go, chess, Shogi and also poker. No reason why stratego won't be next. 

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Posted A week ago

Yes responding to the known pieces is needed to achieve this and it is possible.The rest of what you are saying is much harder to program.

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