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Pyramid League FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)2017

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Posted 20 May 2017 - 07:23 PM

When does the Pyramid League actually happen?

It is scheduled to start July 2 until October 23 - that's 11 games in a 17 week period

17 weeks is a long time - what if I can't commit to that?

You have full flexibility in arranging your games. If you want to play your 11 games in 11 weeks that is fine. You could even play them in 6 weeks if you managed to get hold of your opponents. 

So there isn't a fixture list?

No it will be up to the players. TC will help out as much as possible of course. 

I'm away for a month in the summer. Is that an issue?

Not a problem. There are 17 weeks precisely to allow players to get on with their normal lives. Just keep TC apprised of absences (rather than sudden and lengthy disappearances).

Ok. What exactly is the Pyramid League?

The Pyramid League is a Divisions Tournament in the shape of a Pyramid. There are three tiers (Apex, Core and Base) with progressively more players at each tier giving the Pyramid its shape. An image says it better than words:


How many players in each Tier?

Apex has one division of 12 players, Core has two divisions (of equal quality) of 12 players each.

What about Base?

There is no limit to the number of players in Base. It will be made up of equal sized divisions (of equal quality) with the exact sizes depending on the number of participants

So is there promotion and relegation?

Yes. At the end of the Tournament some players will promote and others will relegate - so they will be in a different tier in the next Pyramid Tournament (which will be run annually).

So the Pyramid is just a fancy name for Divisions?

Yes - but there is an additional consideration - the Pyramid has 3 other faces.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about the Champions League, WinterTourn and WCO. Finishing positions in these three tournaments also offer qualifying routes into the Divisions.

Ooh cheeky. So you're saying that performances in other tournaments can also get you into a certain Division?

Yes. Finishing positions in other tournaments act as an additional point of entry to the Pyramid. 

This is starting to get complicated. I hope you have a nice graphic to explain it?

All in good time

Ok can you talk me through it?

The two winners of the Core Divisions promote to Apex, with the bottom two of Apex getting relegated to Core.

The three winners of WinterTourn/WCO/Champions League also promote to Apex, with the players who finished 8th, 9th and 10th getting relegated to Core.

Ok hold on a second - potentially 5 players can get relegated from Apex?

Yes - only the top 7 in Apex are safe from relegation 

Ok so what if someone already in Apex wins one of the other 3 tournaments? I mean it is quite likely that at least some of the winners of WinterTourn/Champ League/WCO are already Apex members.

This is where the Apex Play-Offs come in. If the three other faces of the Pyramid all produce 'new' winners (players not currently qualified for Apex) then there is a straight swap between them and the players who finished 8th to 10th in Apex.


However if for example Hielco (currently in Apex) wins the Champions League - and the other two tournaments produce 'new' winners (players not already qualified for Apex) then the player who finishes 8th in Apex has no-one to swap with. But rather than keeping their place, they have to fight for it in the Apex Pyramid Play-Off.

I love Play-Offs - but who are they fighting against?

The other participants of the Apex Play-Off will be the two runners up from Core Divisions and the three runners up of WinterTourn/WCO/Champ League.

Intense. So you could have 6 players involved in a brutal fight for one place?

You could indeed. But you could also find that the current Apex players hog all the top spots so that there are no candidates for the Apex play-off arising from the other three tournaments.

You keep talking about the other three tournaments - do you mean WinterTourn/WCO/Champ League?

Yes. You can refer to them as the 3 Majors if you like.

Ok so if for example Nortrom and playa1 pulled off a Dutch 1-2 in the other 3 Majors, then 8th to 10th in Apex would be safe?

Not quite - the runners up of Core also qualify for the Apex Play-Off

Oh yes I forgot about them. So those two runners-up would play off against 8th, 9th and 10th from Apex?

When there are only 2 potential promotees there would be only 2 potential relegatees to make the numbers match. So in this specific example 8th from Apex would be safe - and not involved in the Play-Off. It would just be 9th and 10th against the Core Runners up - 4 players fighting for 2 places.

I'm glad I didn't just ask you simply how many get promoted and relegated. It seems the answer depends on a lot of other things.

That's right. We wanted a system that keeps the excitement of promotion and relegation yet also remains flexible enough to consider players not already in the system. Giving away a little simplicity is a fair compromise - and Play-Offs are a good way of managing numbers which you don't know in advance.

Ok so bottom 2 of Apex are definitely relegated, whilst 8th, 9th and 10th of Apex are possibly relegated or possibly in a Play-Off. 

You got it. 

And the Core winners are definitely promoted?


And the Core Runners up are likely (but not definitely) to be involved in a Play-Off?


And the winners of the other 3 Majors are also definitely promoted?


And the runners up of the other 3 tournaments are also likely (but not definitely) to be involved in a Play-Off?



I know it's unlikely, but what happens if Hielco finishes in the bottom 2 but also wins say - the WCO?

A player can over-ride their relegation by winning one of the other automatic qualification spots.

So even the definite relegation spots aren't actually definite?

Technically that is correct

Ok you've chatted on all day about promotion and relegation between Apex and Core, but what about between Core and Base?

Fundamentally it is the same. There are definite promotion spots and possible promotion spots (top performers in Base), whilst there are also definite relegation spots and possible relegation spots (lowest performers in Core).

And how do the Majors factor in?

Also in much the same way. Except rather than looking at 1st and 2nd in the Majors (as we did for Apex) we would be looking at 3rd to 8th as definite/possible promoters to Core

But if you don't know how many players are in Base yet, how can you decide the number of promotions and relegations?

Good question. You can't.. yet. Some things will only be finalised once we know numbers. 

So when will we know?

You'll know within the first week of the Pyramid.


So it is likely that Base will start a little bit later than Apex and Core?


Yes, but not by much.

And can anyone enter Base?

Yes anyone can enter Base. Apex and Core Divisions are invite only (these are based on historical performance).

How many players do you expect to get in Base?

It is hard to say. 36 would be great mathematically because then we can have a 12/24/36 Pyramid Structure - but the numbers don't matter. Either side of 36 registrations for Base will mean smaller Base Divisions. There will be a lot of very good players in Base because unless you have ever finished in the Top 8 of a Major then you (probably) won't get in to Core.


Can I register for Base yet?


Registration for Base is not yet open - it will probably be around about June 12th.


So who is in what Division to start with?

This process is well underway - see the thread 'Constructing the Pyramid' for details on which players have been invited/accepted/declined.

And what happens if a player rejects an Apex or Core invitation this year but wants to play next year?

That's not decided by TC yet but it will be one of two possibilities: they will either just be added to a Division to make 13 players for one year only - or they will join as an extra participant in the Play-Offs.

Ok. What happens if you finish bottom of Base?

There is no relegation from Base.

And what does the winner of Alex receive?

It's Apex, not Alex. Hopefully the prestige of victory will be enough. But there is talk of a trophy.

Let me guess - it's a Pyramid carved in gold?

Um.... Yes.

I can't think of any more questions. But if I do, where can I ask them?

In the Questions Thread in the Pyramid Forum

Actually I have one more. How will you differentiate the Core and Base Divisions by name? You can't call them eg Core A and Core B as that makes one sound better Han the other.

They will all be given suitably appropriate Egyptian names

Ooh. Can I suggest one?

Of course - use the Questions thread

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Posted 06 July 2017 - 05:54 PM

This FAQ now contains some inaccurate information - the Pyramid Rules take precedence over anything that may conflict. An updated and abbreviated FAQ will be published soon.

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