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My Suggestions to Improve and Upgrade

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#1 taekes1089



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Posted 09 May 2017 - 09:44 PM

Things needed immediately: will improve gameplay, retain users, and cut down on trolling methods:


Cut the setup buffer below 2 minutes for those ranked silver and above, since seasoned players more than likely have a saved setup.


Cut the buffer time to 2 minutes for silver rank or above for same reasons..they are seasoned.


Cut the move time to 5 seconds for silver rank or above for same reasons.


Force tie when it crosses a certain threshold of total moves, or if the time exceeds > 1 hour, or if there is a lack of miners on both sides when flags are protected.  This isn't chess, and shouldn't take a long time to finish a game if played without any BS (troll lagging 15 second moves, etc).


The automatic matching algorithm to prevent matching the same user played from the immediate game because who wants to play the same long again with the same user.


The automatic matching algorithm to avoid matching between accounts that are more than 10 rank difference.  For example, don't match a player who is a  bronze spy when another is a gold lieutenant or platinum.  Nothing is gained when playing a bronze spy who could really be a platinum marshall multi account cheater and stealing points, or a newbie who a platinum can't learn anything from or even get many points from even if they win.  With the exception of a platinum multi-account user hiding behind a new account, the bronze spy or lower rank will most likely blitz, and hope for a lucky win, so there is no strategy involved, and its a waste of a game.


A way to block users (mostly trolls) and known multi-account cheaters.  If these accounts are blocked by various unique users, the administrators may look into them if they cross a threshold ( >50 blocks, etc) without having repetitive screenshots from different users that take time before the account being penalized or deleted.  This may also actually change a troll's action by thinking twice before being an troll or starting a new account to avoid having to waste time working their way up the ladder again.  I would recommend limiting the option to block no more than 10 users, otherwise people will block everyone they lose to after a game.



Things I want but do not necessarily need:


Do away with automatic matching, and give the users the control to setup the board and start game play or not without being locked into a game if its a known troll you're playing against.  Other users will see available games that they can sit in from a list or queue.  The user who set up the board can obviously kick out or block any user as long as the game hasn't started similar to Yahoo Chess.


A log of the last 100 games I played, who I played against, date/time of play, duration of play, and some other data (what rank were the two users, time of play, flag placement etc).


Analytics and performance stats that may be useful for us to improve our play such as graphs that display trends in wins/losses/ties, losses to frequent users, average game time, average move time, and other analytics that may be useful).


Piggybacking from the previous want, when a game match is made, displaying a snapshot of user stats such as average game time, average move time, and last ten match wins/losses.


A main chat lobby that can include everyone online, and no disconnect from the chat session when a game has started.


An screen capture button that can be stored in our profiles in case you want to capture trolls, or want to review your game and mistakes.  A limit of no more than 20 screen captures before you have to delete, unless you pay Stratego money similar to how users can pay to get more types of boards.  This will fund the storage needs required to maintain the images.


Remove the Sci-Fi awards unless you're going to put Sci-Fi option back in.




Things that may make this game fun:


Allowing user set up games some options such as one moving bomb that cannot attack, 10 piece game or 40, A flag that can move one square per game, etc.


Any comments or disagreements?

Any other options people out there think will improve?  Is anyone out there that can make this happen?  If not, what's the point of Feature Request Forums???


More board themes needed and different types of pieces needed (for purchase of course).  Maybe allowing pop culture type of pieces and boards like they do with board games like a star wars, game of thrones, etc




Maybe Stratego can put a gofundme campaign type of feature to allow donations so they can use it to hire a programmer to make these changes.



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#2 Losermaker



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Posted 10 May 2017 - 12:24 AM

Nice Compilation, I just have a few comments.

I disagree with the setup time of 2 minutes for higher players, the higher you go, the more and more you need to make a fresh setup every time.

I fully agree with buffer, I hardly ever eat into mine, unless I have connections problems, and the game seems to use this to give you time to come back.

I like the idea of different themes, I would personally like a RomeTWI theme. I also thought it would be cool if there were different soundtracks to choose from, the horns get kinda boring...

For example I can see Np1er playing with NapoleonTW soundtrack ;)


Unfortunately none of this will probably ever be implemented unless the site gets taken by a new owner.

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#3 ghostshadow0



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Posted 10 May 2017 - 01:27 AM

How about locking out habitual disconnectors for an hour, like if they disconnect 5 out of every 10 games, they can be locked out for an hour or two.  More than 9/10 disconnections should force lockouts for 24 hours.  If they are legitimately always disconnected, they shouldn't be playing the game b/c they are wasting people's time.


The one improvement that will get the most return would be to force ties, and adjust buffer/move time.  Everything else mentioned above aren't as crucial as adjusting times and forcing ties after going above a set duration of time or # of moves.

Edited by ghostshadow0, 10 May 2017 - 02:08 AM.

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#4 GaryLShelton



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Posted 11 May 2017 - 01:12 PM

Good work to put all those ideas together, yes. :) Everyone has some ideas on them no doubt. But good list, definitely, thank you.

The one that I would always place #1 is not here, though, and that's the multiple account problem. I think a lot of problems would go away if it could be ensured that there was one person, one account. I don't think it would be the best idea to do away with automatic matching until this problem is conquered, though even if it did happen and the ratings became meaningless because of people playing their own accounts, it would certainly be a quick way to help behavior as everyone would soon stop playing the bad apples out there.

Many may like that severe a cut you suggest for the buffer, but I personally disagree with that much reduction as I always eat into my buffer, though I perhaps agree with a reduction of move times to 10-12 seconds. The autodraw idea needs to be thought out pretty thoroughly. For example, a typical simple proposal gives 100 moves to each player. But at even 10 seconds per move this allows for a 1,000 second delay (over 16 minutes) and this is not to say anything of losing a worthless piece to extend that another 16 minutes.

Of course, I love the stats suggestion. It would be neat to be able to see one's record with his opponent and everyone's last ten games statistics, for starters.

Thanks for the ideas to mull over. Some very creative ones.
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The complete GS&F Rules can be found here: http://forum.strateg...rum-rules-2016/

Draw Refusal Rules, specifically, can be read here: http://forum.strateg...931#entry468931

#5 OuweSok



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Posted 29 August 2017 - 07:34 AM

I am a high silver player and totally need those 5 minutes buffer. I have lost games by running out of time more than once. I apologize if my decisions do not occur as fast to me as they occur to you.


I have played tight games that went over 1h without anyone being passive of shuffling


I would suggest that players can have their own preferences for setup, move and buffer time and when two players play eachother, the maximum of the two values is used. So if Player1 wants a buffer of 4 minutes and Player2 wants a buffer of 3 minutes, it will be 4 for the game. You cannot force speed to other players in this way, but you can agree on it.

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#6 snicklefritz



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Posted 30 August 2017 - 06:18 AM

i agree with ALL of the needed options, and a few of the desired. But no kiddie game options. 

#7 ghostshadow0



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Posted 12 May 2018 - 02:20 PM

Are the changes to improve the system even a possibility?   Can anyone ask the system admins to make changes?  If anything, please just adjust the allowed overall game time, or # of moves allowed before a draw is implemented in a game.  I know some people like the 15 seconds per move, or 5 minute buffer, and that is fine.  But the overall game shouldn't take more than an hour...or 500 moves.  Please force a draw for these cases...because even if someone eventually wins, nobody actually really wins when its over an hour or 500 moves...cuz you're just wasting time, and feel like a total bum for playing that long when time could have been spent doing something else productive.


What is the status on these changes?  Do we have anything from the admins on whether it is being worked on, or do they already know it will never happen?  Is anyone nagging the admins to make these changes?


Thank you!

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