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Quick Arena Tournament - Rules

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Posted 21 January 2016 - 07:19 PM

Rules for the 1st Quick Arena Tournament on Stratego.com


1) General overview

a. The first Quick Arena Tournament is a single elimination tournament. If a player loses two matches in a round, he will be eliminated.

b. Considering the fact that a quick arena game is very fast most of the time, each round will be a „Best-of-Three“. A player who wins two games will enter the next round. The third game only has to be played if both opponents are not able to win the first two games.

It is possible that there will be a draw after 3 games (1 victory for each player and 1 draw). In this case a 4th game will take place.

c. The tournament is planned to begin on Monday, February 1st. All games will be played during the next weeks, depending on the amount of players.

d. Each round will last 1 week.

e. The pairings will be random-drawn using the website http://challonge.com/.


f. Please be aware of the fact that not every player is able to create their own setups anymore. As a piece of advice we like to suggest that everyone is trying to use the computer version of the game. The attempt of using a random setup against a player is a big handicap - it is a fact that a lot of players are knowing all of the random setups by heart.


2) Who is eligible to play?

All non-banned players are eligible. Multiple registrations by one player are strictly forbidden. Additionally, a player's account must not be accessed by anyone other than the player. This includes use of the forum and private messages. Should specific assistance in scheduling be required, for instance in co-ordinating translation, players may work with the Tournament Committee (TC) to approve proxies or to directly accommodate.


3) Arranging the tournament games

As soon as TC has opened the new match topic in the forum, participants may start arranging games. The TC will create separate forum topics for all matches. Each player must post in the match topic at least THREE valid time slots for availability. The broader the time slot, the easier it will be to make arrangements!


4) When is a proposed game time slot valid?

Proposed times slots are only valid when fulfilling each of the following conditions:
a 3 proposed time slots must be posted in the match topic no later than Wednesday 23.59 GMT of each round.
b. All time slots must be in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). For help to find your time difference from GMT, visit
c. All GMT time slots must use the 24-hour clock (so, NO am/pm proposals)
d. The first three proposed time slots may not fall between 00.00 GMT and 6.00 GMT, unless both participants ask TC for an exception to this (for instance, both opponents are in USA time zones)
e. Each of the first 3 proposed time slots shall consist of at least a 2-hour window to start the game. For example, proposing Tuesday 20.00-22.00 GMT would mean a player is available to start a game at 20.00GMT, and his latest availability to start is 22.00 GMT.

f. A game may NOT start later than Sunday 20.00 GMT.


5) When is a game considered “arranged”?

a. A game is considered arranged if one player picks a time already offered by his/her opponent and states this in the corresponding match topic. This is on the basis that the proposed start time does not occur within the next 24 hours, thus ensuring their opponent is given reasonable notice. Note that a player must pick a start TIME (eg 20.30 GMT) and not an entire TIMESLOT (19.30 – 21.30 GMT) for this to be considered arranged.

If a player picks a time already offered by his or her opponent that occurs within 24 hours this is NOT considered arranged. Note that this doesn’t mean the match cannot be played at that time if his/her opponent agrees - it just won’t be considered arranged until the match begins.


b. A game is also considered arranged if both players meet online and decide to play there and then. In this scenario, both players must post in the corresponding match topic that they are about to play. (The game becomes officially arranged as soon as it begins).


All games must be played on the Stratego.com site. Players must enter the Challenge Zone so that their presence can be proved if necessary (especially important if an opponent does not show up). We urge all players to make a friend request of opponents using the game site (preferable as soon as the opponent is known) so that they can challenge to a battle. If there is a problem or someone is not able to arrange a game (because of bugs or otherwise) please consult a member of the Tournament Committee.


6) What happens if there are no valid game arrangements?

a. If both players have posted valid time slots (in accordance with Rule 5) by Wednesday 23.59 GMT, but there is no matching time, then players may continue to post valid time slots until Friday 23.59 GMT. If no agreement has been reached (by Friday 23.59 GMT) then the game will automatically be scheduled for Sunday 14.00GMT.


NOTE: Players may still MUTUALLY agree to play their game on a different time, as long as it starts no later than Sunday 20.00 GMT.


b. If a player has not posted (at least) 3 valid timeslots (in accordance with Rule 5) by Wednesday 23.59 GMT then this player will be DISQUALIFIED from the tournament. (Note that disqualification only applies if there are no existing game arrangements) Whilst TC will help out wherever possible by highlighting when time slots are not valid, it is the sole responsibility of the player to ensure that this requirement is met.


7) What happens if a player does not show up at the arranged time?

If a player’s opponent has not appeared in the Challenge Zone chat room within 10 minutes of the arranged time, that player MUST post the absence in the match topic, attaching a screenshot (of the Challenge Zone) for proof for TC review. (Note that appearing at 20.10 GMT for a 20.00 GMT match is considered late as 10 minutes have elapsed). That player MAY then decide either to claim victory or to decide the match be rescheduled (if there is time). This decision MUST be made at the same time and posted in the match topic with the screenshot.


Any player who does not show up for an arranged match within 10 minutes, for any reason, will be automatically given a Yellow Card’ (whether or not his/her opponent decides to claim victory). Two Yellow Cards results in DISQUALIFICATION from the tournament (see Rule 12).


Note that if a player has already received a Yellow Card and is late to their match, this player is automatically DISQUALIFIED from the tournament. His/her opponent in this scenario MUST claim victory, even if they preferred not to.


If the opponent of a late player has decided the match be rescheduled, the late player MUST suggest at least 3 MORE VALID TIME SLOTS (in accordance with Rule 5) and they MUST also make this post WITHIN 24 HOURS of being late. If the late player fails to do this they will be DISQUALIFIED.


8) What happens if a player is absent for a few days?

If any player is aware of an absence that may make it difficult or impossible to post availability before the Wednesday 23.59 curfew, they must inform TC in advance of this absence, and provide TC with their availability for that round. TC will then post the player’s availability in the forum topic on that player’s behalf.


9) Results

Once two players have met in the Challenge Zone and are about to play, it would be beneficial (but not essential) if both players could confirm in the forum topic that they are about to play. (Note that if the match is arranged in accordance with Rule 5b then both players MUST confirm that they are about to play).


After the match has finished, the game result should be reported immediately in the corresponding forum topic. This may be done by linking to screenshots of the results but it is sufficient if BOTH participants report/confirm the results immediately following the end of the match. For information on how to take screenshots please visit the following link: (http://forum.stratego.com/topic/649-easy-guide-how-to-take-and-upload-screenshots/page-2?hl=screenshot#entry34786)


If there is no proof as provided in ways mentioned above, and two players are not in agreement about the result, the match will be replayed and automatically scheduled for Sunday 14.00GMT.


Imporant: Please make sure that you can show the TC a screenshot of every played game, not only the victories! Doing this will make it easier to retrace the lap history if necessary.


10) Cancellations

A game already arranged may be cancelled in the following ways:


a. A game already arranged can be CANCELLED, without agreement from their opponent, but only with a MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS NOTICE. This cancellation will take effect only if a player posts notice of cancellation in the forum topic and the game is not scheduled to start within 24 hours. A player who cancels in this way must post at least 3 MORE VALID TIMESLOTS (in accordance with Rule 5) WITHIN 24 HOURS of the cancellation. Failure to do this will result in a ‘Yellow Card’.


b. A player may ask their opponent for a game to be cancelled (if the game IS SCHEDULED TO START WITHIN 24 HOURS) but this cancellation will only take effect if their opponent agrees by posting in the forum topic. If their opponent does not respond to this cancellation request before the scheduled start time, this game remains arranged and is not considered cancelled. A player who cancels in this way must post at least 3 MORE VALID TIMESLOTS (in accordance with Rule 4) WITHIN 24 HOURS of the cancellation request. Failure to do this will result in a ‘Yellow Card’.


If the cancellation request is only issued at the late stage of being WITHIN 4 HOURS of the scheduled time, this player will automatically receive a Yellow Card’.


Note that a cancellation request is (for disciplinary purposes) considered advance notice of a no-show– a player will not be disqualified from the tournament if they unsuccessfully request a cancellation and then do not show up. In this scenario however to avoid disqualification they MUST, within 24 hours of the cancellation request, post at least 3 more valid time slots (see Rule 7).


11) Disqualification and Yellow Cards

Yellow cards will be shown and disqualifications will occur for the stated offences listed within the rules. A player may also be disqualified/shown a yellow card for violating the forum policy (see post below). If a player is shown two Yellow Cards they will be DISQUALIFIED from the tournament. However, a Yellow Card will be WIPED from a player’s record once four weeks have elapsed from the time the Yellow Card was awarded.


12) Fair play and sportsmanlike conduct
The Tournament Committee (TC) has a Fair Play Policy concerning behaviour on the battlefield and on the forum. This policy can be found at the bottom of this page. TC can provide additional rules or post directives (in general or to specific players) if needed.


13) By registering, you acknowledge that you have read and accept the Rules including The Policy.


14) Tournament Committee members and judging
Tournament Committee members can participate in this tournament but those members may not act as judges in cases where they are directly involved. In the event that a judge is required in a match where all members of TC are directly involved, then a member of MT will judge (Napoleon 1er).

The Tournament Committee consists of:
TheOptician, SymmeTric, Mr. Smith and sevenseas


15) Though we aim to have covered all possible eventualities, in the event that anything unforeseen occurs not covered by the rules, the TC will rule on these issues using their best judgement. All decisions made by the Tournament Committee are final. Any rules added or amended since this thread was first published are coloured in green.



Tournament Fair Play Policy

The Tournament Committee maintains a fair play policy concerning behaviour on the battlefield. First and most important: All players are equal and should be treated that way. So we created a set of very clear rules and kept them as short and simple as possible. But with that comes some extra responsibility for participants:

Double-chase is NOT allowed; counter-chasing is accepted

You are only allowed to record a match if you receive permission from your opponent prior to starting the game (with proof). Please respect the decision of your opponent; the only exception is that you may film the sequence of moves needed for proof of double-chasing.

In the case of a system bug, once the game has begun, your opponent may decide whether to accept the win (this is legal only in-game - if the bug occurs during setup the game is not considered to have started) or to start the game over. This decision must be respected by all players. The draw-refusal policy is in place, and TC will judge cases.

Abusive behaviour incurs automatic disqualification.


We also maintain a strict Forum Policy:

Insinuations and unneeded remarks towards other players will not be tolerated anywhere.

Match topics are reserved for the participants and TC, and are primarily to arrange and confirm games and to report results.

Players should regularly check the forum and private-message (PM) inboxes and react promptly when asked (especially when receiving PM's from TC).

If a question comes up, TC will handle it (especially more promptly if directed straight to TC), and if there is a remark about the general functioning of the rules or suggestions it should be put in the Questions Thread.


Players are RESPONSIBLE for proper forum use. People should use the appropriate threads for posts. Posting in the wrong topic can lead to TC needing to hide/delete or move it to the appropriate topic

These principles are in place to be as transparent as possible with ALL players. Please respect others and have fun.


Any violation of this policy may lead to disqualification, even a tournament and/or forum ban. TC will hide or move posts in case of violation of these rules, and original posters will be contacted.

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