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Division 1 Arranging Thread

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Posted 08 April 2017 - 09:06 AM

TC Statement

TC understands that some players may feel hard done by as a result of the scoring involving disqualified players.

Whilst TC disagrees that nullifying results is always the fairest procedure, TC recognised that the procedure for dealing with results concerning disqualified players needed improvement - hence the inclusion of new tie-break criteria to take effect from the Champions League onwards. (This criteria involves nullifying results involving a Dq'd player only in the case where one tied player had played the Dq'd player and the other player has not)

TC appreciates that some players may feel even more hard done by, given that this change is to be made but is not currently in effect during the current tournament.

TC is keen to point out that even with the addition to the rules in place, there are scenarios which we can envisage where players will still feel hard done by, but conclude that these scenarios are an unfortunate and inevitable consequence of players being disqualified.

TC considers that despite the fact that an improvement has been made, the rules in place for the current tournament were reasonable, and were designed to best cope with the many different scenarios that could (and did emerge), The fact that one or two particular scenarios emerged which were less than ideal is inevitable but is also more representative of the difficulty in dealing with such situations fairly, rather than being based on poor logic.

TC wherever possible prefers not to over-ride any existing rules or retroactively apply new rulings. We have considered the possibility of re-instating sevenseas, but as this would involve making a retroactive change to the rule that prevents banned players from participating, this proposal has been rejected.

TC adds further that the rules for this tournament have been in place from the beginning, and that players were free to raise objections or not participate had they been so inclined, or did not like the rules in place. Had players read the rules in full and paid attention to the section regarding disqualified players, it would have been apparent that where disqualified players are involved, the matches against closest rivals are potentially imbued with a greater significance.

TC obviously hopes that players do not cease to
play tournaments because they do not like a particular ruling, or because TC refuses to over-ride a certain ruling. TC always remains open to collaborating with players and discussing tournament operations with the aim of improving.

TC now consider this matter closed in terms of effecting any changes to the results already finalised, and also in terms of explaining any decisions made up to this point, but do invite players who have something new to say and wish to debate the future procedure regarding disqualified players to do so in the Suggestions Box thread

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Posted 08 April 2017 - 03:26 PM

Hmmm Napoleon... did you see this Be aware that this topic is locked. You have permission to reply to locked topics.


So we can still post but none of the regular members can. Seems unfair to continue the discussion here. But by all means, use the thread TheOptician is pointing at. Since Div 1 is the first Division to end, to me there seems plenty of time to discuss everything. I myself would endorse roeczak's proposal which I liked the other day, but you're right that needs approval from the called out winners first now. Anyway, let us not continue here.


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