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Disconnection Clock Pause Suggestion

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Posted 04 September 2015 - 12:44 PM

1. One of the difficult situations that arise (in tournament play) is when a player is booted from the game, automatically losing.


2. Another is where a player loses connection and suffers an automatic defeat when they are unable to return in time.


The 'lack of reliability that this combination forms is one of the main obstacles to tournament entry for some participants.


As it is impossible to determine whether the loss of connection is intentional or innocent, perhaps when a player disconnects their opponent is given an option to 'Pause' the disconnection clock, thus extending the amount of time the disconnected player has to resume the match. The decision then lies with the opponent to resume the disconnection clock or not. This would solve (2.) and allow players involved in unranked/friendly games not to force a victory.


If the same result could be achieved with (1.) whereby a 'pausable' clock also appears when a player is booted thus giving their opponent the option to wait for the other player's return, then this would be a great move forward for tournaments (and friendly/unranked games)

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Posted 05 September 2015 - 11:33 AM

@ The0

 I like your suggestion about the option to 'Pause' the disconnection clock which definitely will give solution to issue 2.

I find very difficult to achieve the same result when your opponent is booted from the game because this is an instant fact and the cause is not disconnection but an unknown bug of the software.

Αctually what is most ''frightening'' is issue 1. What I recommend for this issue is to video record the game which can be used as proof that someone lost the game because this bug. In such case it is up to the TC to decide if the game must be replayed or no.

Important factor  in this video is to be shown the moment of booted off the game , the clock , continuity with  log in back to the game room and some chat with the opponent after the bug.

For issue 2 I recommend for the moment to be sure (as much as it is possible) that your connection is good and have alternative solutions , like using data from 3G mobile , in case you can not use anymore your internet connection in home. Fortunately the 2,5 min are enough time to solve the problem.

History of this site has shown us that we must find solutions by ourselves and do not wait for centuries admins to do that.

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