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increasing number of players use memorizer tools

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Posted 07 January 2014 - 09:27 PM

There are trillions of derivative bets on US bonds in European exchange markets. If the US defaults on the debts it won't be pretty for the European economy. The economies are inextricably linked. The US financial market is much larger than Greece, so I wouldn't celebrate the US demise unless you also want to celebrate the demise of Europe.


Yo, derivatives destruct the vibe of the ballads, it's wiping your palace

and at once began as the size of a salad

but then grew fast to a percentage of ninety five on the balance! ;)

That means that only five percent of all the money exists, the rest hides to be challenged,

disguised is the talent of all the banksters worldwide who define the imbalance!

This world is wasted anyway, it's no fairytale so this ain't Ice Age or Alice.

No,this is earth and.maybe we don't lead the life of the gallants

but I'd rather celebrate facing poverty and I describe it as valiant...

than to be pissed off about the crimes of the malice,

a term which I simply deny to be valid

cuz' I can't do sjit anyway, not even if I kill the banksters with the might of a mallet! :D

I love the smell of Napalm in the morning

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