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Green and white arrows should mean valid moves

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#1 GaryLShelton



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Posted 07 December 2014 - 01:44 PM

Hi guys. I have a funny case from the archives that got me thinking about something. How many of you remember this?


In this example the red player put himself into a bind big time with his general and lost the game. Apparently the gen was his only movable piece, so he was probably going to lose anyway. My comment today is not that he should've been allowed to move our of the hole, because he shouldn't have, but rather the fact that the green and white arrow did show he could move that way. Why?

Now this weird case won't come up again in five years of playing, but what comes up every game are Two Squares violations. The green and white movement arrows always are present even when, in fact, the specific move will be blocked by 2S. Shouldn't these green and white arrows mean "these are valid moves"?

I am thinking that if the arrows accurately told valid movements, newbies would get up to speed faster on the 2S rule. Agree?


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#2 Kernel Mustard

Kernel Mustard


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Posted 06 January 2015 - 02:25 AM

That's really funny because I actually was curious and tried this situation in single player mode just to see what happened.


I think one time I got myself stuck like this, and then it said "Game Over you have no more movable pieces." Other times though, it just permanently stalled the game like that.

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