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Administrators you have lost one your customer

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#1 Dekaeneas-Spy



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Posted 25 November 2014 - 08:23 PM

After 20 months on the site,

I announce that I'm leaving forum stating my frustration relating with the non-observance of rules from the Moderators and i wish your understanding in this decision. I wish as mine depart to be the last and provide a greater protection to your customers (it becomes selectively from the Moderators having  always an excuse or pretending they do not see). Unfortunately the level at forum becomes increasingly low from the moment that do not interfere the Moderators and Administrators. Me not to express as a person the threats, swear words, indecent  characterisations.


Freedom of speech is a democratic element which tends to be eliminated in this place.


I would like to delete the Dekaeneas-Spy.
I apologize to the members of the Greek committee tournament-first acquaintance (Aris1970, Monomaxa) will not be able to help them.
Good luck my friends.
I apologize to the members of the committee tournament divisions (Maestro, papilon, NDJ) not will be able to help them.
Good luck my friends.
I thank all the players who I met in site and be sure that i will not forget them.





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will tell me what value has one customer since there are others 100000 and more customers but I thought correct to say goodbye with one last topic  ;) 
This is my favorite Greek song and I want to close
         the forum for Dekaeneas-Spy with it.
               lyrics by Antonis Vardis
Κάποτε έχτιζα ένα όνειρο τη μέρα, 
τώρα η στράτα μου δεν πάει παραπέρα, 
φεύγω, τώρα φεύγω.

Κάποτε κοίταζα τον ήλιο μες στα μάτια
κι αυτό τον ήλιο μου τον κάνανε κομμάτια, 
φεύγω, τώρα φεύγω.

Τώρα ο ουρανός δε με φοβίζει όσο κι αν βρέχει, 
τώρα η ελπίδα μου ταυτότητα δεν έχει, 
φεύγω, τώρα φεύγω.

Φεύγω, φεύγω και παίρνω την καρδιά μου, 
κι ένα τραγούδι συντροφιά μου, φεύγω, φεύγω.

Φεύγω, κι αφήνω πίσω μου συντρίμμια, 
αρρωστημένους και αγρίμια, φεύγω, φεύγω, 
φεύγω, τώρα φεύγω.

Δεν το αντέχω να βουλιάζω μες στο ψέμα, 
τώρα κατάλαβα πως ήμουν ένα δέμα
φεύγω, τώρα φεύγω.

θέλω να ζήσω τη ζωή μου έξω απ’ τα μέτρα, 
τώρα που σκλήρυνε η καρδιά μου σαν την πέτρα, 
φεύγω, τώρα φεύγω.

Τώρα ο κόσμος και οι φωνές δε με τρομάζουν, 
τώρα τα χέρια μου ένα σύνθημα χαράζουν, 
φεύγω, τώρα φεύγω, φεύγω, τώρα φεύγω.

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#2 Chewtoy



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Posted 25 November 2014 - 08:56 PM

VERY sad to lose a good player. I fear the site will only regress as our complaints are seldom addressed, let alone actualized. So sad . . .

Terror made me cruel. 

#3 i love myself

i love myself


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Posted 02 December 2014 - 12:58 AM

that's sad good bye

your stupidity work as bluff .. just be yourself

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