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Automatic Draw System

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#61 varishnakov



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Posted 06 March 2013 - 02:41 AM

I am just of a different mindset about the game, I guess. I feel that just moving a scout back and forth is a valid strategy. Yes, it is annoying to play against. But, it is up to the other play to prove that strategy is useless. If it works, it works, and it is a way to work. Let passive players draw all of their games.


There is an element of risk involved in the game. I feel that if two players are equally passive, the result should be a draw.

If you want to win a game, you must risk a loss. That is a saying from chess, as well. It applies even moreso in this game. Go big or take the draw. Keep some scouts for the endgame to check some locations, and you can get a good game out of it.

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I have quit the site until the cheating players are dealt with.

#62 trickz



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Posted 06 March 2013 - 03:00 AM

Varishnakov is right, I also don't agree I'm afraid.
The time buffer is good enough, 15 seconds to act is not a delay.
And delaying the game in losing position is a logical reaction to get a draw out of it.
If the delayer can't win the game for sure, then the only thing he still can do is dodging and tro to stay alive and hope his opponent can't get his flag nor his piece(s).
So you can't punish him for trying to achieve the most out of the game on that moment....and that is to get a draw of course.
But if you're in front, it should be no problem to surrounder his pawns or go for the flag.
And if you can't go for the flag, you have to go for the kill.

The stronger player has three options :
-or he takes the flag because he has miners left
-if he has no miners left, he can go for the kill

if both won't work, he has no other choice than to draw.
So why punishing a player that gets outpowered during the game and through circumstances has no other choice than to stay alive with his scout(s)?
You would do the same thing Ness, you already did that with the dodging colonel.

I think every player should decide for themselves how fast or how slow they wanna play.
As long it suits the time buffers of 15sec en 5min, there is no problem.
And delaying a game in absolute losing position is not a crime, it's just common sense to do that.

The automatic draw issue is a very hard one, that's for sure.
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#63 Designated Baby

Designated Baby


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Posted 06 March 2013 - 03:23 AM

If a player is, at any time, able to prevent her opponent, by any means except chasing, from making any headway and if her opponent refuses to play courageously and risk losing, the game is and should be a draw. Material being irrelavent.


#64 HmmNess


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Posted 10 March 2013 - 11:55 AM

Alright, well it looks like I have the odds stacked against me. 


You guys basically want this:


1.) If a player wants to run around over and over to cause a draw, he has every right to.

2.) If both players are not making any type of commitment to attack, the match is a draw.

3.) If players are unable to capture any pieces after X amount of moves, the match is a draw.


I guess the easiest way to accomplish this is to just make a 150 to 200 move limit per player of not capturing to force a draw.  No need to have the Miners involved.  But, we need to then flag players with cards for chasing.  You could waste moves on chasing, even if the software stops you from chasing in an instance.

1st Chase = Warning

2nd Chase = Warning

3rd Chase = Green Card

4th Chase = Warning

5th Chase = Yellow Card

6th Chase = Red Card


Something like this would not allow players to waste moves and force a draw by cheating.  I hope this idea would all make us happy.  If so, I will re-post this thread with the new idea.



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#65 Lady Kathryn

Lady Kathryn


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Posted 11 March 2013 - 03:04 AM

Dear Community,

White Knight has come across a very ugly glitch that could affect anyone during the final stages of any match. Let’s say your opponent controls 0 Miners and you control 0 Miners. Both of your flags are covered in bombs, so capturing any flag is out of the question. You control a Major and your opponent controls 4 Scouts. You can basically chase these scouts around all day with your Major and nothing will ever get achieved. White Knight stated that he played for almost 2 hours, because of an issue like this and his opponent would not settle for a draw. Of course this is un-sportsmen like, but how do we deal with this problem? Again, I would like to call for a vote from all who wish to express their opinions on this issue.

Changing the software is the only solution that I can come up with, but if anyone else comes up with an even better idea on how to fix this problem, please speak up. Here is my solution below:

If both Players have lost all of their Miner Units in their squad and 50 moves are played by each player without capture of a unit or the flag, the game results in an automatic draw. That is a total of 100 moves from both players combined.

50 moves will allow you more than enough moves with 2 of your superior units to trap 1 of your opponent's inferior units. I have tested this theory out and it looks like you could achieve this trap in around 30 moves if both of your superior pieces, and your opponent's inferior piece; start from complete opposite sides of the entire game board (This will only work if you play perfectly). 50 moves will give you an extra 20 moves to play around with, so you do not have to be exact in your attempts to trap and capture. We could even change it to 60 moves if we need to, but I think 50 will prove to be sufficient.

As long as either team does NOT have any Miners left alive and no Captures are made after 50 moves from each side, the game should automatically draw. The 50 moves will also give scouts more than enough time to get in position, since it only takes 10 moves for a scout to move across the entire game board if they are deceptive in their movement.


Good idea IF the lag is fixed. I lost a game because opp saw my timer counting down by leaps and bounds and delayed the game (he was sure to lose) until buffer all gone.

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