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General Site and Forum Rules (Old)

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Posted 24 January 2014 - 06:35 AM

Please read the following below and please note that these site / forum rules and the moderator team are FULLY supported by the us (the developers) and Jumbo.

The Online Stratego Moderator Team:
The Moderator Team is a group of site Moderators appointed by Jumbo Gaming Customer Care Representative who is Ash.   We are here to assist other players and also help make this site enjoyable to everyone.  Current members of The Online Stratego Moderator Team:   Midnightguy, Karaiskakis, The Prof,  and Napoleon 1er.
If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about our site, please let us know by writing to us personally in our private messenger or our E-mails that will be listed on our profile.  
The Moderator Team once know as the Justice Committee, was created also to stop people who try to cheat, become abusive towards other members, and refuse to end games that are a clear draw.  Players are encouraged to post or write to us, and provide proof in that of a screen shot or a video to show actions that we deem to be cheating, unsportsmanlike, abusive behavior done by another player.  Just saying "So and so is a cheater," will not be proof enough.  
Each case that is brought will have the five of us carefully look at the evidence of the case and decide by a vote if we feel that person was cheating, unsportsmanlike, or their behavior was unwarranted.  Our decision will be final, and if you are caught cheating and/or abusing our game, we will not accept any apology for the past actions you have committed.     
If you wish to appeal a case we have found you guilty in, you have the right to write to Ash and he may or may not decide to look into the case. 
Cases of Cheating 
Cheating in any form is unacceptable on our site.  The site takes all cases of cheating seriously and they will be examined carefully to make certain that no player uses any flaw to our program to benefit their game.  If evidence is presented by the player who was affected by the unsportsmanlike play by their opponent, we will examine the case.  If the Moderator team believes there has been cheating going on or an attempt to try to cheat, then these series of actions will take place.  
First offense - An account reset will be given to the player guilty of trying to cheat in any form and their name will be listed as a known cheater for all the site to see.  
Second offense - The name that was found guilty of cheating for a second time, it will be deleted from our system and that player will be banned.
Third Offense - If any name we detected is online that was associated with any name we found guilty of second degree cheating, will be deleted and banned even if there is no proof of them cheating.
What you should have in a screen shot(s) to make a strong case:
  • One or more screen shots showing when you opponent using an unfair practice to try to glitch or cheat in your game.  
  • To protect your setups from others seeing, we recommend you white out your section of the board using a paint program.
  • .If you have any issues making a screen shot visit our forum section http://forum.strateg...ad-screenshots/
  • Also please when posting or mailing the screen shots, ask us what the result of the match was if you were glitched. you did managed to win still, accept the tie, or you resigned.
Also note, that screen shot(s) must be presented to make a case, just stating that a player is a cheater openly in our forum without proof is unacceptable and they will be deleted if posted in the forum.  
At no time should you ever try to cheat or glitch a player who you know is a known cheater.  Cheating at anytime or of any form is unacceptable and if proven or self confessed you will face a first offense penalty.  
Case of Unsportsmanlike Behavior (Draw Refusal):
There are some players who feel they can play for hours hoping that the other player will quit when its clear both sides can't win, and we deem this as unsportsmanlike.  If enough screen shots or a video is shown that a clear draw exists and the player who quit the game can proof there was no way for the other player to win, the site will take these actions:  
First Offense - A written warning and a loss in rating given to the player who refused the draw.  The loss in rating will be 50 points and the other player who reported the incident who took the loss will be reimbursed their rating points for the loss and be given winning points for the worth of the match. 
Second Offense - A rating reset for each additional incident for a player found guilty of refuse a clear draw and trying to drag the game on  If we deem that person to continue to abuse the game, we may vote for a ban.



Here is a list of what you need to have a strong case:


  • A screenshot showing the game in a obvious tie situation and showing the time.
  • A screenshot showing the opponent refusing a tie.
  • Another screenshot showing the game has still not progressed and showing that a significant amount of time has passed since the first screenshot (say, at least 10 minutes)
  • Another screenshot showing the opponent refused the tie. 

Again you must have a proof of a screen shot(s) and/or video to back your claim.  Going to the forum and stating someone is cheating, is not proof enough and the post will be deleted. 


In no case should you try to cheat your opponent.  If you are caught you will be subject to account reset and/or banning.  The site accept no justification for attempting to end a game in this way.

Case of Abusive Behavior:
We believe strongly that a player is entitled to a game without being harassed and/or having to be subjected to cursing at a table.  Cursing is not freedom of speech and this is a family site where some of our players are minors.  Changing words to get around our filter so you can still curse is also unacceptable.  Also defined as abusive behavior:  harassment of another player, racism, and, open threats.
If a player is overly abusive, the site will take these steps: 
First Offense - A written warning
Second Offense  - A one week ban from the servers from our site
Third Offense - A month ban from our server
Fourth Offense - Banned from our site
Offensive Username:  
As stated in our terms and conditions rule 3.3, there will be no making of any offensive usernames.  Anyone who is judged by the Moderator Team or by the Site Admin in violations of this rule will have their screen name deleted and will be permitted to create a suitable username.  If this second name is also judged in violations of our offensive username rule, you will be banned permanently from our site.  
Abuse in our Forum:
We welcome constructive criticism and suggestions to improve our site However, overly negative continuous posting will be dealt with.  Abusive, excessive swearing, and changing words to get around our filter is also unacceptable.  Also we deem it unacceptable to personally attacks towards other forum writers, because we believe you should attack the issue at hand and not the person who is writing the post.  
A forum writer who violates our terms forum rules will be given a formal warning and a point added to their name and explanation to why they are warned.    Any writer who gets 3 points to their name, may at any time have their account banned from the forum without any future warning.

Right to Privacy on our site:  There will be no posting of anyone's private information in the forum whether its from a link or told in private. There will also be no posting of anyone's real name or E-mail in the forum.  If a player wishes to reveal who they are or offer their E-mail, Facebook, or any other form of media outlet, that is their right.  However, it will not be anyone else's right to reveal who that other person is or use a link to show more information on that person.  Pending on the link or severity of information given out, is what level of action the Moderator Team will take on that person who violates the Right to Privacy rule.  

Also any players who have been banned on our site for any length of time or for good, will also be banned from writing in this forum.  If their ban has been lifted, then they are eligible to write in the forum again.  
Length of Time for Action:
There is no set time when the site receive any complaints that action may or may not take place.  Some cases will be decided more quickly than others.  Please also note that pending on time of the week or month, there may be times where a player who we found guilty may still be playing, and the punishment has not taken affect yet.  Please be patient and understand that player will face their punishment soon enough.  
What the site will not judge:
Players who leave a game:
While it is rude and inconsiderate, the player who didn't leave the table will get their win in 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  In some cases also a player may have legitimately left because of sever issue, may have lost power, etc....  However, if the player leaves multiple times and tries to offer draws and pauses in a manner that appears to be a glitch attempt, screen shot(s) should be shown.  
Players who chase:
These cases are very difficult to judge and there are mixed opinions on what the rules of chasing should be and some say our site doesn't follow certain live event rules.   
We the Moderator Team hope this clears any misunderstandings , if you have any questions please feel free to contact any one of us.
You may reach Midnightguy at Midnightguy1171@yahoo.com
See you on the Battlefield!
The Online Stratego Moderator Team:   Midnightguy, Karaiskakis, The Prof, and Napoleon 1er.

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