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Chess and Strategy Game culture

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#1 The Spectre

The Spectre


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Posted 30 December 2016 - 05:20 PM

Common features of strong chess players and quality stratego players :


1. They never talk in the middle of the game. Respect the competitor's conglomerate is fairplay.


2. They never use bad language when they are lost


3. They do not underestimate their opponents


4. At the end of the game they will surrender without losing the flag (in stratego) / king (in chess) if there is no hope. Time is worthy for themselves and for their rivals. Points can be earned in another game but time cannot..


5. They never try to disconnect or other cheap tricks.


6. They never make unrespectful behavior like a waiting clock's end. 


7. They are modesty, They do not praise themselves about their rankings or positions.




Please add your thougths..

#2 Nortrom



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Posted 30 December 2016 - 05:51 PM

Common features of strong chess players and quality stratego players :


1. They never talk in the middle of the game. Respect the competitor's conglomerate is fairplay.



This mostly applies to online games, live is different often.

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#3 Lonello



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Posted 01 January 2017 - 11:41 AM


live is different 


For Stratego it is. Much chat there.


In chess though talk will simply not happen. I once offered a draw for the second time, and my opponent afterwards said that was WAY too much chatter for our 4 hours game ;)! I'll always remember that; it's hilarious. Fernandez from Florida. He was right about refusing though. I lost that game :(.

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#4 Bizevr



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Posted 01 January 2017 - 04:30 PM

I am a regular chess player with over 400 ranked live games(I have earned quite enough trophies while I was in youngsters) and dozens of thousand quick games( blitz ones) online .

I also did manage to take participation twice in Greek stratego tournaments in November, whereas I have 1 year experience in online stratego so I think I know enough about this topic.

As far as the live game I have my below thoughts on this subject.

1.--> Yes that it is true by far in chess in relation with stratego. I had seldom experienced occasions when the opponent said something other than "I offer a draw" as the rules of FIDE are strict on disturbing the opponent by any kind of distraction. I don't think that they do it because of some kind of fairplay though.

2.-->There are some occasions though that some players behave in not in appropriate way in chess when they eventually lose their game. I have faced unappropriate behaviour from both young people and adults ones.As far as I know I didn't face any kind of such a problem on my stratego limited live experience.

3-->The underestimation of an opponent does not have to do with learning chess. There are a lot of occasions that a better player loses just because he/she does not play his A game to an inferior. It does have to do with the personality of the player more.

4--> Yes, that is true indeed , whereas in junior school championships children play till the end because it is possible that the table will turn at any point of the game despite the material difference(equivalent to 4+ additional upper officers). I think that the reason it does not happen in stratego is that there is different time limit than in chess.

6--> Clock is a part of playing chess too, so "unrespectful behavior like a waiting clock's end" is not such a bad behaviour. Time management should be an important factor for this game as it is in stratego.

7-->That it not true dear Spectre.  It does also have to do with a person herself/himself rather than what game she/he likes to play. It is the extrinsic motivation that make them proud for numbers/leaderboards/money instead of the game itself.

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