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#1 Cosinus



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Posted 30 December 2013 - 11:47 PM

with 599 points you are bronze

with 608 points you are silver


what about those beetween 599 and 608 ?

#2 GaryLShelton



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Posted 20 January 2014 - 05:04 PM

Cosinus, with your lofty rank I know you're only stating the obvious.  If your point is that someone at, say, 605 is not honored by being on the leaderboard, then I want to echo that by adding that that's what the current system has built in.  (It was easy to predict back when we were going from 25 Silvers to 50 that one day there'd be more than 250, thus filling the leaderboard slots.)  


Fleshing out your comment just a tad, I think you would agree with the sentiment that it is not right that we recognize a player who's 599 when a 605 player goes into complete unknown limbo, not on either the Silver or Bronze lists.


This is why I suggested recently in another post elsewhere that we come up with a leaderboard system that simply does away with the colors and uses ONLY the ELO ranks.  This new list would include every ACTIVE player and would abolish the current system that, unintuitively, ranks a Scout (Silver) higher than a Marshal (Bronze).  For example, I suggested that the loftiest players, those above 900, could be given the Marshal rank; those above 800, General; those above 700, Colonel; etc.  T


The numbers are debatable, but this suggested system would recognize ALL ACTIVE players, and in it we would all aspire to the Marshal status.


It would be far simpler, I submit.



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