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Replying to WCO 2018-19 Interview: josephwhite

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Posted 06 January 2019 - 10:38 AM

This time we are talking with the one that put South-Africa in the list of countries on every WCO so far: josephwhite


As many players Josephwhite learned the game at a young age:


"When I was a kid in California it was just a board game we used to play with family or friends.

I stopped playing around the age of 10-12. "


In about 2014 he was checking out strategy games and joined Metaforge for a few months, but got busy and moved on.


Early 2015 he was in the US again and saw the new site www.stratego.com and started playing here.


Regarding live games:

"In the US I have a board game there at my parents house. We played a few casual games, people are not so competitive. Sometimes we play with the kids."


If there was another tournament in the USA would you play?


"If it matched my schedule, I would."


Did you see the Chicago one? "Yes I thought they did a good job.

Same with Europe, I used to go there sometimes but now more of my flights go via Dubai."


Thats a pity for the European organizers I guess


On the WCO and memorable games

You played in all the WCOs so far.

- Do you see changes between the first edition and this one?

"It seems a larger now. The WCO has always been pretty well organized. Disadvantages of more new people coming in: more losses due to missing games. I havent been involved myself in those luckily"



I saw you had some impressive wins in the 2016 and 2017 version: In 2016 MasterMind, Spion... and KARAISKAKIS. In 2017 you beat young talents Henry Domerkant and Fks

This year you got 6 points against WCO winner Gkaros and 2 times medal winner Hielco.

What is your most memorable online game and why? It does not have to be any of those by the way?

"Im not sure what the most memorable game online was, I played one recently (goes looking for screenshot)

It was a highlight to beat Hielco though. I have beaten Nortrom and Overlord earlier, but Hielco was my first time. "I think Hielco was my first match in the first WCO. I think we used Skype. He did not fit the stereotype of what I expected of a Chess or Stratego player. Not saying that is good or bad."


Going through his pc he found the screenshot. It was a game against too bad loser

It looked like it was to become a draw. too bad loser had the high piece: Major and sergeant. Josephwhite had a lieutenant, 2 sergeants.


too bad loser could have had a closed flag. He was chasing josepwhite (with the major) and then he trapped himself.


The game ended with the josephwhite winning with the message "You have captured all movable units."


Note: this could only happen if the last sergeant was bombed in and the major went over the same number of fields few times and had no other field to move to. A really exceptional situation.

Josephite: "I might have been able to win, because he probably had an open flag."


That is a memorable game for sure.


On Strategy


Any tips for starting players?

"I think one is to read a lot of the Strategy tips either on the forum or on the Wiki.
Read Losermakers tutorials.


I think watching videos on Youtube can help, although I don't like them much. I find them boring.

Video of yourself in important games. I recently started making videos when in interesting endgames in games to learn from this, as its an area where I need improvement.

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