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Replying to WCO 2018-19 Interview: Geo_Tsarpista

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Posted 14 November 2018 - 06:18 PM

Very well structured interview and nice questions


Thanks for sharing this with us 

Javier Flag

Posted 13 November 2018 - 09:29 PM

This week, as we think to ourselves 'Who exactly is Geo_Tsarpista?' and 'Is he good value in Fantasy WCO Stratego at 4.2m?', we get to hear from the man himself.

Locals aside, you'd need extreme geography skills to know that Tsarpista is in fact the nickname of George's village - Terpni Serron. (The cleverest among you now should be able to piece together the meaning of his name).

We often see families getting each other into our favourite game - at many a live tournament have young offspring been dragged along so that their parent can play - but in Geo_Tsarpista's case it is the other way round:

' My son "IOLAUS1926" started this game... and a few months later... i started it too'

Surprisingly, considering his route to the game, George prefers the online version to live:

'I prefer online because its easily to recognize the pieces on the board'

But it isn't just due to memory - there is another, less obvious reason...:

'my problem in the table is that i knocked down 3-4 pieces because iam very aggresive player, as a result i am the best scout'

So there you have it - according to the best researcher in all of Terpni Serron - if you really want to know a piece, knock it over.

So what does 'Geo_Scoutpieceta' hope to achieve from the WCO this year and in the future?

'My stratego goal for the WCO is to get a good place as last year and for future of this game is to have fun always when iam playing because i really enjoy it when i am with my teamates (members of Serres Stratego team) and playing stratego'

I have to say, I'm extremely jealous of these Stratego clubs. Has there ever been a better reason to migrate to Greece?

At this stage of this epic interview, we wondered what George considered his best achievement to date.

' I think that i went until Losers Round 6 of winter Tournament 2018 was the best achievement that ever made in Stratego'

George please - there are no losers in this game. I think you mean the Rehabilitation Bracket...

This week George met playa1. For those of you waiting for the highlights programme I won't spoil the result. Instead I'll reveal which player GT is most looking forward to meeting (or avoid):

'I would love to play against high level players because i can improve my stratego skills and i really hate playing against lotto players who take marshal and starting capture all of your units, movable and non.'

His cards are being kept close to his chest. Perhaps I would have more Iuck finding out his heroes - in Stratego (of course) and in real life?

'My stratego hero is IOLAUS1926 and real life hero is my one and only son'

The interviewer at this stage was intrigued if these two had ever played against each other at Stratego.com, shortly before realising that they are in the same Pyramid division. The result? A win for IOLAUS1926. I can only imagine the bragging that followed in the family.

Suddenly, things got serious, as GT was asked what are the biggest issues that Online Stratego faces today:

'I think that the biggest issue that online Stratego faces today is that are many players use stratego only to wrangle each other, rather than to play'

Well said. Such is the reality of virtual war.


So as we move Afrom the virtual to the real, GT was asked how else he spends his free time (aside from Stratego obviously - which should take up at least 5 hours a day of any sensible persons time):

'I am iron welding in an iron Factory, i also in my free time go for fishing and of course playing Stratego'

Fishing and iron welding - a classic combination - much like this WCO Interview classic question: What would you rather win - WCO or Greek National Live Championships?

'First i must win the local Serres Stratego Team's tournament.  But i prefer to win WCO if i must choose between Gr national championship and WCO '

Geo_Tsarpista - It's been a pleasure, thank you for taking the time to share this with us.

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